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GRE Study Book-How to Select One

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is the portal to enter into universities of your choice across various parts of the world. Obviously you will have to face a stiff competition to get through this exam. You will have to put in a great effort during your preparation to achieve this task. There are many ways that you can prefer to prepare yourself for the test but the common tool or means will be a good book. You will have to be choosy in selecting a book because it must meet your requirements. By requirements, we mean your study approach, your test taking levels, the amounts of explanation you require which surely differs from student to student. At the outset, to any one preparing for the GRE, his choice of selection of a book will matter the most. Classes at a coaching institute can only give you a push but will not help you totally clear the exam hands-on. It must be you who has to work out from a good preparation material and achieve your target.

A famous quote by Amos Bronson Alcott, “That is a good book which is opened in expectation and is closed in profit” clearly describes how a good book should be. Moreover, the book you select for assistance in your preparation must be more profitable than any other general book. So, you need to take utmost care while selecting a book. Once you are stuck to your aim and go searching in the market for a GRE book, there will be umpteen numbers of books awaiting you. You cannot blindly go for any book. Before you get to purchase a book, it needs to be thoroughly glanced to know the quality of the content it promises to deliver to you. Of all the books available in the market, the books of well established publishers like Kaplan, Barron’s, The Princeton Review, Nova’s, Peterson’s are usually preferred more to others. There exists a subtle difference between these books also and it must be your interest to sort out and shortlist the book you need. At instances you might also need more than one book to enhance your preparation strategies but regularly following at least a single book is must.

Selecting a good and suitable book must only be followed after acquiring a good insight into its content. The book’s content must include concentration on all the sections. In the quantitative section, difficult problems must also be included providing many examples and solving tips. In the verbal section, lots of words with their usages, synonyms and antonyms must be provided. In the Analytical writing section, there must given many question topic and essay writing tips. The most important aspect is the test papers. Many test papers must be provided covering various models. Previous papers give an idea of how the GRE paper is framed and practising as many tests as possible will help you reach your goal. Any book that misses the above criteria, you can whole heartedly drop the idea of purchasing.

There are many books only in the GRE stream by the above mentioned publishers. Books which include the whole syllabi of the three sections and books providing only sectional depth are both available from the same publisher. The books of the latter kind provide the aspirant with a beginner level test aspects to a very high level difficulty. Some of the books which when preferred would make you shoot your target are reviewed below to give a better idea to the reader.


The Barron’s publishers have a multitude of books available in the market. Their ‘Barron’s GRE’ book is the most famous and is one of the most preferred books by many aspirants. The main aspect of any Barron’s book is that they provide the candidate with fine question models with a good difficulty level for practise which makes the student get acquainted with mind teasing question models. The verbal words list provided in the Barron’s are more in number thus providing a good and strong vocabulary. The Barron’s book will be of a great help to the ones who need to improve their test taking strategies and get used to some difficult level questions. The Barron’s lacks in providing good strategies in the analytical writing section. The way of approach and some required tips are usually not detailed well in this book and that’s where the Kaplan’s GRE books step in.


The Kaplan’s GRE books are usually famous for helping more in the analytical writing section. They also provide good tactics and practise methods for the other sections too. But they are better in the essay section. They provide good essay writing skills including both grammar and punctuation. There are given a wide range of topics for practise to ease yourself with any new topic that you may come across. So, you might select a Barron’s GRE for practise purpose and a Kaplan’s book for knowing different kind of test taking strategic tips.


The Princeton Review books are also preferred a lot globally for providing good overall (all sections) assistance to the GRE aspirants. In fact, their ‘Cracking GRE’ has been ranked the highest sold book by during 2009-10. There is also a new 2010 edition available in the market. These books might not provide you with a difficulty level as that of the Barron’s GRE books but you will surely get all that is required for you to achieve a good score. These books provide you with basics assuming you as a beginner and then slowly ascend making you master through the difficult levels.


The official site of the GRE also provides some books which mainly focus on the test taking strategies, tips and include previous papers. The GRE Big Book is published by the ETS to help the students know the test paper model and to make themselves get acquainted with the test. This book is no longer printed but you can get an online material which provides you a model test paper with all the instructions clearly detailed. There are also unofficial GRE books printed.

Some of the best books that you will find in the market which make your preparation journey worthwhile are Kaplan’s GRE, Barron’s GRE (prefer the latest edition in the market), Practising to take the GRE by ETS etc. The above mentioned books stress on the exam as a whole but the books like Kaplan’s GRE Math, Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE etc concentrate on improving your sectional competency. You will find a lot more information concerning the study books and the syllabus they cover and also the price comparison at the URL:

There are lots of e-books available nowadays. There are paid and free ones as well. But a good handy book for GRE which can help improve your weak areas will be a must for you to get success. On the basis of the reviews provided, sort out the best one to meet your requirements and purchase it. Get a book which meets your expectations and let’s hope it churns out profits.