GRE software would mean the software which helps you prepare for GRE. It stands for Graduate Record Exam. It is a standardized exam which students undertake in order to facilitate admissions into a graduate course in the US. Various colleges and universities across US consider the GRE scores to make a merit list. And the number of these colleges is ever increasing. Hence it becomes important for you to perform well and obtain a score that is good enough for you to take admission in a college of your choice. This software is one source of preparation for the GRE.

GRE is delivered in two formats: paper format and the computer adaptive format (GRE CAT). Depending on the facilities available at the test center, where you wish to take the test, you can select from the two formats. The paper format is the one we all are aware about. It is the traditional format in which the questions are printed in question booklets and the answers have to be filled up. All the GRE subject tests are administered in the paper format. Whereas in the computer adaptive format papers are not used at all; all the questions appear on a computer screen, to the extent that even the analytical writing section has to be attempted on the computer. In most of the centers the GRE CAT is administered and very soon the paper format will be history.

Hence it becomes important for you to be aware of the basic computer functions. You should know the functions of a mouse, how to navigate through the test and how to type from a computer keyboard.

A GRE software can help you in two ways. Firstly it will help you prepare for the test and secondly this software will help you practice, especially for GRE CAT. Let us firstly consider how it will help you prepare for the test. These software for preparation mainly deal with preparation aspect and hence they are informative in nature. They cover the subject matter related with the three sections of GRE. There are a number of software which are available for preparation. Such software are either for free or they come for a nominal price. Generally a free software does not give complete preparation material. These material will only give preparation of a part of the GRE, say information pertaining to a particular section or a particular type of question.

For the verbal section a good preparation software should contain a list of words for vocabulary, complete with their meanings, antonyms, synonyms and short sentences for explanation. Such a list will help you learn words for attempting the questions based on antonyms and analogies. This software should also have enough information about the sentence completion and the reading comprehension sections. It should not only contain practice questions but a complete tutorial on how to approach such questions. Remember that you have to prepare for the GRE and hence it is important for you to know the correct way of approaching a question in addition to illustrations and practice questions. In addition to this the GRE software for the verbal section should contain practice tests which are time bound and give you a feel of the real test. At the end of each test you should be shown your score. This is an absolutely indispensable feature of a good software. How else would you know how well prepared you are?

For the quantitative section of the test you require a GRE software which has a good amount of explanation and examples of the various topics covered in the related syllabus. There should be explanation regarding the concepts supported with figures and illustrations. Unlike the verbal section, in which prior knowledge of each question is not required to score well, each topic of the syllabus should be covered for the quantitative section. There is little that you can guess in the quantitative section and need to be aware of the formulas and methods. Moreover an important feature of the software for the quantitative section is that it should cover the topics related with data analysis. Normally this topic is not taught in detail in schools and hence the GRE software needs to make up for the deficiency. Besides information, the software for the quantitative section should be sufficient for practice as well. The questions in the test will be of three types: quantitative comparison, problem solving and data analysis. Each type of question has to be dealt in a different manner. Where one needs to go through all the steps for solving the problem solving type questions, one also needs a little analytical skill for solving the questions on quantitative comparisons. You should not require any other source for practice of questions specific to the GRE; the software should be a question bank of all the types of questions that appear in the test. In addition to all these the software should have enough practice tests which can train you for completing the quantitative section in the limited time available. These practice tests should thus be time bound and scores should also be calculated. Only then your practice for the quantitative section of the GRE be complete.

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