The third section of the GRE is the analytical writing analysis section. Here you shall have to write two essays related with analysis of an issue and the analysis of an argument. These questions are slightly tricky and most students do not understand what the difference between the two is. Hence extensive preparation is required for handling this section. Your GRE software should be able to provide you ample practice for the same. The software for this section has to have a very detailed explanation of the content of the two essays. Also there should be ample sample essays, good as well as bad. This way you will understand what is expected from you. The GRE software should contain tips and essay writing strategies in addition which are easy to comprehend and follow. Thus a software for this section has to be written by a professional. Check the credentials of the source of the GRE software to determine this aspect. The software should have a number of questions for you to practice from

It is most likely that you can not get some software for the analytical writing section. The easiest software to prepare are for the verbal and for the quantitative sections. Moreover the GRE software will not be able to give you a proper detailed feedback for the analytical writing section. A software for the analytical writing section is difficult to prepare and hence rare.

In addition to all of the above a software is exceptionally helpful for CAT. It makes you prepare for CAT by making you adapt to the various functions of a computer. Moreover your familiarity with the computer adaptive format will help you attempt the real GRE CAT at a faster pace.

There is a marked difference in the quality of will be comprehensive. Moreover the quality of a the software that are for free and those which are paid. A free software will only cover some aspects of the GRE whereas a paid softwarepaid software will be better. Before purchasing it you must check for the samples of questions given in it. Some software sellers give you the option of a free download of a part of the software. You can go through that and see what the GRE software is worth. Otherwise you can read some blogs about the software which you plan to buy. The comments of other users shall give you a fair idea of how reasonable the software is. In case you do not intend to buy a software you can choose from a variety of GRE software on websites. Here the problem will be that you will have to go through a number of software which in totality give you practice for all the sections of the test.

Follow this link to see some software for vocabulary:

www.grevocabulary is a website which lists some paid software for practice of vocabulary section of GRE. If you are looking for a GRE software free demo then can be a useful link. is another such link which you can follow for advertisements on GRE software which can be bought.

POWERPREP ia a complete preparation software which can be downloaded from the official website of GRE. It is developed by the test takers themselves and hence no other GRE software matches up to its quality and authenticity.

When you choose a software, remember that you need to be selective and choosy. Do not compromise quality for a cheaper option and don't fall prey to fake advertisements. There are a lot of websites which promise to send you good practice material but the quality ultimately turns out to be low. Be well aware of what is in store for you before you part with your hard earned money.

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