GRE Sign Up

Step by Step GRE Sign Up Guide

GRE registration is the first step that one takes towards the attempt of building a prosperous future for self by getting admission into world-class colleges and courses. Students get a common platform in the form of GRE through which they can show their competitive position with respect to other students. There have been many students who have reached their goal of getting degrees from colleges and universities of their choice after getting high scores in GRE but there are still many of them who have doubts and uncertainties about how they can take the first step towards it, i.e. sign up for the test and move ahead.

As the saying goes, ‘well begun is half done’; registration is the most crucial part of taking the GRE and one should have complete knowledge about it as it is the primary step. There is a set of details, that has to be provided when one signs up for the test, which includes-

  • Information about the candidate
  • Preferred exam centre (can be searched on the official GRE website (
  • Exam format chosen (paper based/ computer based)
  • Preferred test date (candidates are free to choose a date for taking the test)
  • List of colleges to which one wants the scores to be forwarded (can be submitted later as well)
  • Fee payment (through debit card/ credit card/cheque)

Signing Up Options

Once the candidate is confirmed about these details and has decided about the test centre after obtaining information about the exam format provided by them, and has chosen a date for taking the test, one can move ahead with the registration process through either of the methods available. The following methods are offered by ETS to register for the test-

  • The facility of signing up via phone is offered by ETS. One can register for the test by calling up the appropriate national Prometric testing centre. It should be made sure that one calls up at least one week before the decided test date and the call is made in the office hours only.

  • The registration can be done by filling and sending the registration form (that can be downloaded from the official GRE website) to the GRE authorities via mail. If one opts to send the form through mail, it should be done at least four weeks before the opted test date, giving enough time to the authorities to mail back the sign up confirmation and other associated materials. One also needs to send a completed Authorisation Request Form that can be found on the official website along with the registration form. A cheque or a demand draft in favour of the testing authorities can be sent along with the form so as to submit the test fees.

  • Fax is also a method through which one can proceed with the signing up process. The completed form can be faxed to the testing authorities in the working hours and a confirmation is faxed back soon after to the candidate. This must be done at least a week before the chosen test date.

  • The online option for registration is the most convenient and user-friendly option. The foremost reason for it being that one is not bound by time while taking this option. One can sign up at any time of the day or on any day of the week by logging in at the official website and providing all the required details. It should be known that the online registration can be done on the official ETS website only. The fees can be paid through credit or debit card and the sign up process can thus be completed.

Sign Up Benefits

Registration opens the path for an individual’s bright future and also carries many benefits and advantages with it that should be acknowledged by the candidates.

  • As soon as one registers for the test, the GRE authorities give official GRE preparation materials using which one can start preparing for the test and also be aware of the kind of questions that should be expected in the test.
  • Those signing up online get access to the official online GRE preparation materials, software and practice papers which can be downloaded and used.
  • An online registration also brings along facilities like access to a paper based admission ticket that can be viewed or printed, freedom to view scores online, ordering additional score reports and registering for a free GRE search service that helps one connect with graduate colleges.
  • Having completed the registration process completes a major task in the whole ordeal of taking the test and one becomes free of all the worries related to this formal process and can thus prepare with complete focus on the syllabus only.

The Best Time to Sign up

Though one can registrer for GRE as late as one week before the test date, but isn’t it always better to move in a planned manner and sign up well in advance? Many aspects of the test can be looked into if there is enough time between the test date and the registration.

  • Registration should be done well before one has to seek admission in a graduation course. If the test has been taken already, one can produce the scores in front of the concerned authorities at the time of admissions and credit can be sought for them.
  • One should know that there are limited seats for candidates at every test centre. Signing up early ensures a chance of getting a seat in the test centre of one’s choice and avoiding the struggle for looking for an empty seat in a test centre.
  • The signing up process is a formal process that has technicalities and minute details to look into. Thus, it is better to complete this process early so that one is free of all the formal procedures and can go ahead with the preparations. Also, the test date should be chosen such that there is enough time to prepare, practice and take many mock and sample tests.
  • There can always be cases when some complications could arise in this registration process. While choosing the date for the test, one should take care to keep some time after the sign up so that the situation can be handled if any such complications or issues come forth regarding any part of the test process.

Things to Remember

  • One should check for the fee waivers and other offers that are given by the test authorities from time to time. Awareness about them can help one save some money from the fee amount and avail the opportunities being provided.
  • In case there are some changes required in the form and in the details provided earlier, it should be known that such modifications in the form and provided details have to be done at least 10 days prior to the test date.
  • The information about the test centres that are situated within easy reach of the candidate is important. Having an easily accessible test centre makes the testing process less tiring for the candidate. The details about the various test centres and their latest situations can be collected from the official website.
  • Along with the test centre situation it is also important to see if the opted test format is supported by the chosen centre. There are centres that don’t offer the facility to take the test in both the formats. So, before going in for registration, one should check in advance that the preferred test format is supported by the chosen test centre.

With detailed knowledge of all the important aspects of the sign up procedure, it becomes very easy for the candidates to complete this first phase of the test process; and with the first part completing easily without extra worries, one can go through the test and its preparations easily.