GRE Sentence Completion Sample Questions

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1.The superficiality of his calmness was _______ by the tremor of his hands as he tried to pick up the paper.

2.The article claimed that, unlike words, which can be _______ context, the essential expressions of music are unchanging, no matter in what musical context the appear.
A)devoid of
B)transformed by
C)indicative of
D)compatible with
E)unaltered by

3.When the ruthless and authoritarian emperor was overthrown, the act was hailed as a _______ of sanity over _______ despotism.
A)victory.. benign
B)tyranny.. benign
C)celebrations.. reasoned
D)domination.. courageous
E)triumph.. murderous

4.Polls are so _______ our society that it is almost impossible to go out in public without being _______ by an opinion seeker.
A)impertinent.. solicited
B)explicit.. manipulated
C)gratifying.. cajoled
D)pervasive.. accosted
E)ominous.. distracted

5.Luard implies that rising state centralization is as well as detestable and so nowhere sets out a strategy for _______ it.
A)unfortunate.. modifying
B)intriguing.. evaluating
C)offensive.. opposing
D)inevitable.. resisting
E)momentous.. confronting

1.(B) If a person clamed that he was calm, but his hands show tremor when he picks up a paper, it only shows that his calmness was not real, but was pretended or superficial. In that case, the tremor of his hands can be said to betray that he was pretending to be cal, while really not being so. So, (B) is the answer.

2.(C) The use of the preposition 'unlike' shows that the sentences seeks to bring out a contrast between 'words' and 'expressions of music'. The latter part of the sentence says that expressions of music are unchanging, irrespective of the context in which they appear. So, the intention of the author must be to state that words change meaning according to the contexts in which they are used. 'Words are indicative of context' is the best phrase to express this idea. So, (C) is the answer.

3.(E) The deposition of a ruthless and authoritarian emperor cannot be described as 'benign' or 'reasoned' or 'courageous'. So, (A) (C) and (D) can be discarded while considering the appropriate of the choices for the second missing word. The overthrowing of such a cruel dictatorship cannot be described as a tyranny of sanity. So, (B) can also be discarded while considering the appropriateness of the choice for the first missing word. It is the pair of words in (E) that gives a cogent meaning to the sentence and is the answer.

4.(D) It does not make sense to say that polls are impertinent, or explicit, or gratifying or ominous in our society. The only suitable word among the choices for the first missing word is pervasive (meaning present everywhere) in (D). Its pair word 'accosted' completes a coherent sentence.

5.(D) The important clue in the sentence is the use of the conjunction 'and so'. Therefore, the second part of the sentence must be a logical consequence of what is stated in the first part. If Luard held that increasing state (meaning government) centralization was unfortunate as well as detestable, it is illogical to say that, therefore, the nowhere set out a strategy for modifying it. The same argument holds good for the pairs of words in (B), (C) and (E) also). If he held that the phenomenon was inevitable, then any resistance against it would have been futile according to him and so, he would not have wasted his time in suggesting a strategy for resisting it. So, (D) is the answer.

GRE Sentence Completion Sample Questions

GRE Sentence Completion1 | GRE Sentence Completion2 | GRE Sentence Completion3 | GRE Sentence Completion4 | GRE Sentence Completion5