GRE Sample Exam


The initial step for taking GRE or any test, for that matter, is to prepare hard and be thorough with the entire syllabus of the test. Talking about GRE specifically, after having studied in depth, what is required is to take a GRE sample exam or mock test, so that one can know where he/she stands in the preparation process. It is also important, so that one can know in time about the shortcomings in the preparation process and can work them out before the final test. A GRE sample exam covers all the sections of the test and gives a preview of the final test format thus making the test-taker aware of the pattern in advance. Another very important purpose that is served by a GRE sample exam is to make the test-taker, well aware of the timing restraints in the test. By taking a GRE sample exam one can learn the techniques to manage the limited timings that one has to follow in the final test.

Free GRE Sample Exams Online

One can find a number of sample exams for GRE practice online. provides GRE sample exams on the link-

The site has separate tests based on all the sections and the various question types in the test which give ample amount of practice for each section of the test.

Verbal Reasoning Section in GRE Sample Exam

Quantitative Reasoning Section in GRE Sample Exam

With such a large range of practice materials and sample exams available for the test-takers' benefits, it gets easy for the test-takers to achieve a high score in the GRE General Test and finally seek admission to a desired graduation course.