Review Book for GRE


Why Do You Need A GRE Review Book

With an increasing number of students appearing for GRE, the competition for performing well can be mind boggling. With the revised test format the scoring scale for the verbal and quantitative section is at one point increment each, making the competition steep like never before. No doubt, more and more business schools are accepting the GRE scores but if you want to make it to the top schools then you definitely cannot ignore the competition.

GRE or the Graduate Record Examination conducted by the Educational Testing Service is intended to test your higher cognitive skills through verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing tasks. A good review book for GRE should help you with the right kind of preparation to nail your target score. Although there are a number of good books, you will find each  book is different in its approach, when it comes to dealing with the test. While the appeal factor for a book is entirely a personal opinion nevertheless, a good review book should underlie some basic facts.

Need for a Review Book:

A good book of GRE with the right kind of preparations can definitely help you achieve your target scores. Though there is no dearth of materials available for the test, deciding on the right book can be unnerving. The need for a good review book becomes even more important if you are on a time crunch.

You should keep in mind that your study guide will be helpful only if it has the following essentials:

  • It should have enough strategies and tips to deal with unfamiliar questions.
  • It should have enough drills and exercises to give you practice to face the final test with confidence.
  • It should have enough diagnostic exercises to recognize the areas you need to work on.
  • There should be in depth explanations to all the answers if possible.
  • The level of difficulty for the questions should, as far as possible, simulate the actual test conditions.
  • Keeping in view the wide intellectual range of students, the  book should be engaging and in easy conversational manner for easier understanding.

Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook (Kaplan GRE Math Workbook)

ISBN-10: 141955221X

ISBN-13: 978-1419552212

With its detailed explanations and reviews on core math concepts this prep book is handy, especially for those who need to brush up their fundamentals in Math. If, however you are looking for something more advanced then it is little disappointing The preparation book gives strategies to increase your scores; however, it does not reflect the difficulty level of the actual problems. The inclusion of details of the revised test and practice tests for the new question types makes it a good supplement.

Barron’s New GRE, 19th Edition

ISBN-10: 0764146165

ISBN-13: 978-0764146169

This book for preparation of GRE comes with 3500 words that will help you reach a comfort level to deal with the verbal section. Irrespective of the fact that antonyms and analogies are no longer present; yet being aware of different words can definitely give you an upper edge in the verbal reasoning section. The reading comprehension and text completion types of questions should give you enough practice for revision. The math section can be a little daunting to those who have left Math a long time back as the questions are for reasonably advanced students and, you may find some of the questions leaving you in the lurch without their proper explanations. On the whole this is a good review book to have in your collection especially for your later stage of preparation.

New GRE 2011-2012 Premier with CD-ROM (Kaplan GRE Exam Premier Live)

ISBN-10: 1607148498

ISBN-13: 978-1607148494

This book for preparation of GRE is an all time favorite with most test takers with its ample number of practice exercises, tips and strategies which pretty much cover all the different sections of the test. If English is your weakness then you need not look any further. The questions for the English section are useful to students at any level and the systematic layout helps you out progressively. This user friendly study guide also comes with a CD which features questions that simulate the actual test. The availability of the CD with more than 400 sample questions and answers, online quizzes etc. should not only you give enough practice with varied types of questions but also the use of CD should increase your comfort level with the computer. This is one of the few books which is a must buy, you won’t regret having this book.

The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test

ISBN-10: 0071700528

ISBN-13: 978-0071700528

You will not want to miss this one as it is prepared by the Educational Testing Service themselves which gives this  book of GRE, an upper hand as compared to the other books available in the market. Undoubtedly you will have expert advice on the new revised pattern of the General Test which is being introduced from the first of August. The different strategies to increase your scoring points and the detailed explanations on the changes of the test will give you a better understanding of the different question types. Nothing could be more authentic as their sample questions which are the retired questions of the actual test. However, you will need to practice more with other study guides, as what is offered in this prep book along with the accompanying CD is quite limited; especially the number of practice tests. Answers to some of the questions could do with a little more explanations. Certain sections like the analytical writing tasks can give you a good practice on your writing skills as they are rated by the actual test takers. This preparation book by virtue of having been written by the test makers themselves is a valuable resource.

Before you begin to invest in a book, don’t be hasty in buying a book because others said so. It is advisable to take a mock test for GRE which will act as a base line for your preparatory levels. You will be in a better position to decide which section of the test requires your attention Thereafter, reviewing the different  books gives you a clearer picture of which prep book to invest in. You should have at least two to three books in your personal collection. With a well structured plan and a good review book you should be able to prepare for the exam at a comfortable pace.