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GRE Review continued

Another option you have is of hiring a private tutor. This gives you a personalized experience as the tutor has a one-to-one contact with you and can give special attention to your weaknesses. Moreover you can study according to timings which suit you. You can also take tuitions in small groups. A few of your friends can group up with you for taking private tuition. This will not only help you cut costs of hiring a tutor but also increase your level of performance. When you compare your performance with others on a day-to-day basis you get more inspired to work harder and score better. Moreover studying in a group helps you get a better idea what tricks others employ for studying and learning. Here you have to be careful about choosing the right group members. Avoid taking in non-serious students or those who have lower intellectual abilities than you. You must prefer those who have a similar mindset and a similar intellectual level as yours. This will give you a good environment while learning and shall enhance your performance. If you are able to compete with students who are more intelligent than you, it shall increase our confidence. You need to be careful about choosing a professional tutor. He should be well qualified and experienced not only in the review of GRE but also in teaching; afterall it is his teaching skills which you shall employ him for. He should have a wide variety of materials for your test preparation so that you don't have to look elsewhere. The tutor should be able to give coaching which is upto the level of any other review source of the test. In fact you should be better at any stage of preparation than others as you shall be getting personalized coaching. And don't hesitate while asking him about his credentials. Proper classroom coaching is also available in a number of places. If you plan to go to one, make sure that it is run by professionals and a well qualified staff. The center should also have provisions for computer adaptive practice tests. At the same time see that the classes are not overcrowded. If you pay the tuition center but do not get attention then you end up wasting your time and money.

You can also take an online course. There are a number of websites which give preparation material and practice tests for free. Others would require payment. The review material of GRE that you download should be tried and tested. You don't want to download material which has errors and does not serve the purpose. It is likely that the free materials are not upto the mark. You should not mind investing in downloading good material which is recommended by others. Also some tuition centers offer preparation softwares which you can use at home. These softwares have multimedia lessons along with practice tests and online sessions with an instructor. Some centers also offer help through live chat. Some centers provide online courses which span over two to three weeks. Whichever online course you take up be careful about how well reputed it is. You must not invest in any course which is not recommended by anyone. One single tuition center can offer many types of courses, each having its own pros and cons. Verify each factor before making your final decision. Also go through PowerPrep, a free preparation software available on the official GRE website.

Whichever review medium you choose you must keep a few things in mind. Each student is different and it is not necessary that what suits your friends suits you also. You are an independent individual and need to know what your special needs are. Accordingly you must choose a prep material. If you do not need personal attention and are confident that only review books will be sufficient for you then you must not get distracted and experiment with other sources. Likewise if you are more comfortable while being guided by a tutor then you can opt for taking tuitions, either private or in a group or class. Taking an online course is best suited for those who have an internet connection at home. Moreover if you are taking the computer adaptive test then you get to use a computer while preparing and hence get a hang of its functions, if you don't have practice enough. This comes in handy while testing on a computer. It depends on you what way of preparing suits you best, but the most important point is that you should be fully confident about your preparation at the time of the test and confidence can make a lot of difference to your scores.

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