GRE Reading


When the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE General Test is talked about, the Reading Comprehension Questions take the lead as they constitute a major portion of the section. The Reading Comprehension Questions are designed to evaluate the ability of the candidates to acquire thorough understanding of the provided text passage and then answer the questions based on it. The better is the understanding of the candidate of the text given with the Reading Comprehension questions and the various facets of it, the more easily can he/she answer the questions provided with it.

The reason that these questions take a major share of the candidate’s attention in the Verbal Reasoning section is that the Reading Comprehension questions of GRE have three types of questions asked under them. They are-

  • Multiple Choice Questions (Single Correct Answer)
  • Multiple Choice Questions (Many Correct Answers)
  • Select in the Passage Questions

All these questions have differing formats and have to be approached in separate ways; but they are based on the same text passage which has to be comprehended well by the candidates. There are multiple types of practice materials like exclusive practice papers and sample questions available for the candidates using which they can make themselves perfect in answering these questions.

Practice Reading Comprehension Questions

As told earlier, the Reading Comprehension Questions require the candidates to analyze the provided passages carefully and answer the following questions accordingly. Practice for these questions is needed so that the candidate doesn’t have to put in too much time in the process of finding the correct answers in the passages and also to develop the capability to assimilate the facts given in the passages easily. One can find a lot of material to practice the questions that can let one practice as much as desired.

The Reading Comprehension Questions practice can be done using exclusive practice tests that are available on the links given below-

One can also find ample number of sample questions for the practice of these questions. The links given below allow one to practice using Reading Comprehension sample questions-

Practice Reading Comprehension Select in Passage Questions

The Reading Comprehension Questions have Select in the Passage questions under them that require the candidates to choose the sentences in the passages provided that best describe the description given in the questions. These questions are found only in the computer based test pattern as the sentences have to be selected using the cursor so as to click anywhere on it and highlight it and subsequently register it as the answer to the given question. There is a need of practice felt with regards to these questions as the candidate is required to know every inch of the provided passage so as to find the answer sentences.

The questions can be practiced using practice tests that are available on the following links-

The links listed below give access to sample questions for the select in the passage type questions-

Practice Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice Questions

There are Multiple Choice Questions also under the Reading Comprehension Questions; in which the candidates are required to pick out the correct answer options from the given list of answer options. The candidates should have read the passage well so that they are sure about the correct answer option and can identify it easily and swiftly. The Reading Comprehension Questions are of further two types-

  • Single correct answer questions- In these, there is only one correct answer in the given list of five options and the candidate has to pick that out.
  • Multiple correct answers questions- In these, three answer options are provided from which one, two or all the three can be the correct options. The candidates need to have a keen eye to identify all the correct options.

Practice for these questions can be done using practice tests and sample questions both. The below listed links allow the candidates to access the Practice Tests -

The sample questions for the multiple choice type questions can be found at the below listed links-

Having complete knowledge of the way in which the various types of Reading Comprehension questions have to be answered helps the candidates save a lot of time in the GRE General Test and also be proficient in the art of understanding the nuances of the passages provided in a quick reading only.