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The quantitative GRE questions are based on the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data interpretation. You will be asked questions in three different ways. There will be questions related with quantitative comparison, problem solving and data analysis. The first type is simple and requires the least amount of calculations. Here you will be given two quantities and you have to establish the relation between the two. There are four relations which have to be checked for. Either the two quantities will be equal, or one will be greater or they will be unrelated. Here exact calculations are not required and the answer can be arrived at by estimation techniques. The problem solving questions will require clarity of concepts and formulae will have to be used for exact calculations. To attempt these questions proper preparation and practice is required. A slight mistake in the calculations will lead to the wrong answer. The paper setters judge where a student is likely to make mistakes and calculate the wrong answers accordingly. So when you make a mistake you are likely to find your answer as one of the options. This will obviously lead to an increase in your spirits and confidence but it will only give you a zero score. The data interpretation questions are based on graphs, charts, tables and other diagrams. As is obvious you will be given data which you have to interpret. Here too both estimation and calculations will be required. Some questions can be answered by merely observing the data representations. Whereas, in some questions the observations will have to be used to make some calculations. Here too one requires knowledge of different types of graphs and charts and basic formulas.

The last type of GRE questions are essay type. There are two types of essays to be written; one based on analysis of an issue and the other based on analysis of an argument.

In the analysis of an issue you will be given two topics out of which one has to be chosen. Here any one issue has to be discussed in detail and you have to present your own views on it. You have to give your ideas logically and structure the essay such that the flow of the concepts is smooth. The views you present should be justified with the help of examples and reasons. Here you are not under any restrictions and can think with a free mind. The catch in this question is that you have to write convincingly. You have to present your views such that the readers understand clearly what you are saying. It is better to touch on a few points and explain them well, rather than putting up more points that you can handle. You have to use proper English grammar and aim at keeping the content clear. There is no point in using difficult words which do not convey your point well. Also the essay has to be systematically structured. The flow of the words should be such that one point leads to the other and no succeeding sentence seems to be out of place. In the analysis of an argument an argument will be given and you have to analyze it for its structure and content. You have to see what the author is trying to say, how clear his point of view is, what logics his writing is based on, how he has supported his view, what evidence he has given, how he has interrelated his points, how his essay is structured etc. Basically you have to break up the argument into fragments and discuss it. Here your personal viewpoint does not have to be quoted; you are just analyzing the piece of writing.

It is better to prepare specifically for the GRE questions rather than practicing those things which do not appear in the paper. Moreover keep yourself updated about the changes in the GRE syllabus and GRE question types. Remember that the GRE questions will be of a slightly difficult level. Since the GRE is meant to scan students and rate them for their abilities it is obvious that the GRE questions will be slightly more difficult than those you come across in your school exams. Thus it becomes important for you to prepare for them. There are a large number of sources which can prepare you for how to handle the GRE questions. Find out which source suits you best and go all out and give it your best shot. As it is success comes to those who work hard!

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