Practice for GRE Quatitative


Mathematics has always been regarded as an important subject. It gets equal amount of importance with respect to the GRE General Test as well. The Quantitative Reasoning section of the test has a very crucial role to play in the final scores achieved by the test-takers in the test. Many graduate schools give special weightage to the scores achieved by the applicants in the Quantitative section along with the all-over test scores. Therefore, it becomes important that the candidates undertake lots of  practice. This not only makes them aware of the test pattern, but also adds to their confidence in handling all types of questions in this section. Various sources are available which can be used for  practice, like books, practice papers etc. One can find many online sources also for  practice aids and sample papers.

Before starting with the practice for the section, it is crucial to have complete information about the section, so that one knows about all the facets of the section and can continue with quantitative practice accordingly. The links listed below provide complete information about the Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE test.

The Quantitative Reasoning section has following types of questions included in it-

  • Multiple Choice Questions (with one correct option)
  • Multiple Choice Questions (with two or more correct options)
  • Numeric Entry Questions
  • Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Data Interpretation Questions

Ample amount of  study materials are available for all these question types which can be found on the links listed under the following sub-titles.

GRE quantitative practice for Multiple Choice Questions (with one correct option)

The multiple choice problem questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the General Test require the test-takers to pick out the correct answer option from a list of five options. The test-takers are not supposed to put down the method and procedure through which the answer has been derived, but only the correct answer option has to be chosen. Quantitative practice is needed for this section so that the candidates can develop a pace with which they can figure out the correct answer option easily. As time is also an important factor, developing a pace is what  practice does for the test-takers.

Links at which quantitative practice materials for this type of questions are listed as under-

GRE Quantitative Practice for Multiple Choice Questions (with multiple correct options)

Just like their counterparts, the multiple choice questions with one correct option, this type of multiple choice questions ask the test-takers to pick out the correct answer options from the provided list of answer options. The difference is that there can be multiple correct options in the list. The number of answer options provided can also vary from question to question. Quantitative practice is important to be undertaken for these types of questions as there is a higher chance of one getting confused within the options provided. The more one rehearses for these types of questions, the easier it can become in the final test.

Ample amount of material for  practice can be found on the links listed below-

GRE quantitative practice for Numeric Entry Questions

The numeric entry questions in the General Test ask the test-takers to fill the given blank boxes after the question with the correct answers. The answers are in the form of fractions or decimal figures that have to be filled carefully into the empty spaces. For the computer-based test pattern, it is needed that the test-takers use keyboard and mouse to fill the blanks. Since the tricky part is the skill to fill the blanks properly, it is crucial that  practice is taken for this type of questions.

The links listed below supply enough material for these question types of the Quantitative Reasoning section-

GRE quantitative practice for Quantitative Comparison Questions

The quantitative comparison questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the General Test, put to test the skill of the test-taker to figure out the comparative relation of the two provided quantities in the question. The question is accompanied with four options out of which one has to pick out the answer option that best describes the relation between the given quantities. Practice for these question types is necessary so that one can pick the right option easily and swiftly. Though the pattern of these questions might seem to have come across one in the school level, but one notices during  practice and in the test as well, that they are different.

The below listed links grant one access to study materials for these question types-

GRE Quantitative Practice for Data Interpretation Questions

The data interpretation questions are a set of questions that are based on a data presentation chart, bar graph etc. The test-takers are required to answer the questions on the basis of the information provided by the data presented. These are an important part of this section as if one is able to read the information in the presentation figure correctly, all the answers are bound to be correct. Thus, it is vital that enough practice is done using study materials for these question types.

The quantitative  sample questions and practice materials for these questions can be found on the following link-

Ample amount of quantitative practice aid is available to the test-takers under the above listed links such that one can use them to take complete advantage of them and score high in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the General Test. So, there should be nothing to hold one back and refrain from using them to their advantage!