GRE Prep: Online


The preparation for the GRE General Test can be done very easily using the various available online options like online courses, online practice tests and sample questions. These online  options let the candidates practice and prepare for the test easily and without the need to go out to tutorials or coaching centers. The only requirement is an internet connection that can help one access these materials. The online preparation materials are vastly available and are most of the time free of any cost. The candidates can download these materials or use them online only such that they can register themselves with the websites and use the materials on their created accounts.

These online preparation materials can be found very conveniently and do not require the candidates to pass through a difficult process for accessing them. They can simply create their accounts on the related websites and use these materials as per the requirements.

GRE Online Prep with Sample Tests

One of the very common types of online  materials are the practice or mock tests. These help the candidates get acquainted with the actual test pattern and practice according to it so that one knows how to face all the types of questions that are posed in the GRE General Test. The practice tests are designed according to the real pattern and give a preview of the real test in advance. These online preparation aids are available for the practice of the complete test syllabus and the various sections or question types of the test individually as well.

The following link gives access to various practice tests using which online preparation can be undertaken

Sample Questions

Another type of online preparation materials are the sample questions that help to practice amply for the various types of questions in all the sections of the General Test. The questions in the General Test are not straightforward or direct and the candidates are required to use a tactic to answer them properly and in time. These tactics can be learnt only by practicing these questions well so that one is already prepared for facing them without having to waste time in understanding the method that needs to be applied. Internet provides us with a large variety of these online preparation aids that help to practice enough so as to obtain a high score in the final test.

The following paragraphs introduce us to the links to the sample questions for the questions in various sections of the General Test that let one have enough online preparation for these questions.

Verbal Reasoning Section Sample Questions

The Verbal Reasoning section requires the candidates to have the ability to acquire the information available in the questions and the provided passages such that they can efficiently answer the questions given under them. This ability can be developed only when one practices enough for these sections using the online preparation materials and aids.

Reading Comprehension Sample Questions

The Verbal Reasoning section of the General Test contains Reading Comprehension questions that ask them to read the provided passages carefully and then answer the questions given with them. The candidates should be able to assimilate all the details in the passages such that answering the questions is not difficult for the candidates and also, keeping in mind the time restraints, they should be able to answer them swiftly. One should use various online aids amply for the practice of these questions.

The links given below allow access to online sample questions for the Reading Comprehension questions

Reading Comprehension Sample Select in Passage Questions

The Reading Comprehension questions in the Verbal Reasoning section of the test contain Select in the Passage questions which require the candidates to select the sentences in the passage that best correspond to the description in the question. The online preparation methods are very beneficial for these questions as these questions are restricted to the computer based test format only. They require the candidates to click on any part of the sentence, that according to them is the answer to the question, to highlight and then register it as the answer.

The links listed below give access to sample questions for the select in the passage type questions

Reading Comprehension Sample Multiple Choice Questions

There are Multiple Choice questions also in the Reading Comprehension questions which require the candidates to analyze the passage carefully and provide answers to the questions after selecting them from the list of the options given along with the questions. The candidate should be able to identify the correct answer easily and swiftly from the answer options given and practice for this can be done using online preparation materials like sample questions.

There are two types of these questions-

Sample Text Completion Questions

The Verbal Reasoning section in the General Test contains Text Completion questions as well in which the candidates have to complete small, 4 to 5 lined passages by filling in the blanks that are there in them. Usually, there are three options given for each blank out of which the candidate has to choose the correct answer option for each of them. In some cases, the candidates may come across questions in which there is a single blank with five answer options. The online sample questions for these questions should be used to polish the ability to find the answers easily.

The online sample questions for these question types can be found on the following links

Sample Sentence Equivalence Questions

The Sentence Equivalence questions in the Verbal Reasoning section are designed to validate the potential of a candidate to derive complete information from the limited amount of details given in the questions. The candidates are posed with a statement that has to be completed by filling the blank in it. There are six answer options given for each blank out of which two, most appropriate ones have to be picked out. Practice using online preparation materials must be undertaken so that one can make a wise choice among the given answer options.

The links to the online sample Sentence Equivalence questions are listed here under

Quantitative Reasoning Section Sample Questions

The section of the General Test that requires most practice and also a fast pace for facing it efficiently in the final test is the Quantitative Reasoning section. The questions in this section are not based on very complex principles and concepts but only the method in which they are put before us varies. Thus, the candidates are required to use enough online preparation methods and materials so that they can be well aware of the formats and techniques of these questions.

Quantitative Multiple Choice Questions

There are Multiple Choice questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the test which ask the candidates to choose the correct answer option or options from the provided list of answer options. The catch is that the calculations which go into deriving the answers are not to be revealed and only the correct answer is what fetches the candidate scores in this section. Therefore, the candidate should have the ability to choose the correct answers swiftly and without giving too much time to the calculations; and the online preparation methods can help a lot in practicing for that.

The questions in the Multiple Choice Format are of further two types-

Sample Numeric Entry Questions

The Numeric Entry questions in GRE’s Quantitative Reasoning section needs practice and preparation using online preparation methods due to the unique pattern they have. The candidates are required in these questions to fill the answers to the questions correctly in empty boxes provided. One must remember that the answer can either be a fraction or a decimal figure and the boxes are provided accordingly.

The sample Numeric Entry questions for online preparation can be found on the following links

Sample Quantitative Comparison Questions

The Quantitative Comparison questions seem very easy on the surface but the time restraints and the pressure that the test exerts on the candidate in the test makes them tricky. The practice for these questions with online preparation aids can help manage them in the test easily. The questions require the candidates to strike a comparison between the two given values and then choose the statement, from the four given options, that best describes their relation with each other.

The Sample Quantitative Comparison questions for online preparation are listed as under

As told before also, the online preparation aids and methods are very convenient and most suited to the candidates. This can be said as one cannot get so much of practice and prep material from any book or course. However, there is no limit to the amount of material that can be obtained and used to perfect the knowledge of the test syllabus.