Free GRE Prep


Preparations for GRE General Test are largely dependent on the kind of preparation materials used. Many types of preparation materials are available for GRE aspirants that can be used by them to excel in the test. But most of these materials cost the aspirants a heavy sum of money that is an additional expense to the candidates for taking the test. The best options are the test materials that allow candidates to have preparation free of cost.

The study materials that let the candidates undertake free preparation can be found very conveniently on the net. They range from notes, lessons, tutorials, practice tests to sample questions that let one have a face-off with the real test pattern such that the encounter with the actual test doesn’t surprise the candidate. The best part is that all of these can be accessed free of cost so that one can prepare for free and easily.

GRE Prep with Free Sample Tests

The materials that allow free preparation include sample or mock tests that make a candidate aware of the actual test pattern and reveal the actual format in which the questions are posed in the test. These sample tests are a very important part of preparations as after having completed with the revision for the entire syllabus, one takes them to know about the strong and weak points in the preparation. The sample tests let the candidates prepare for free and are amply available on the net and one can use them as per the need, either for revising for the whole test, or section-wise.

The links given below to the practice tests let the candidates have  free preparation-

One can even prepare for the General Test using sample questions that are based on the different types of questions that are given under the various sections of the test. Those who don’t want to jump straight away to the complete test preparations by using the sample tests can practice for the question types using the sample questions that allow free preparation. These questions can be accessed easily on the net by using the various links for them.

Verbal Reasoning Section Sample Questions

The Verbal Reasoning section in General Test is designed to validate the reasoning skills of the candidates related to English language and its usage. The section does not strictly check the language skills but the reasoning ability to analyze the given details and then derive the answers for the given questions. There are a lot of sample questions that are available to candidates for free preparation and can be accessed according to the kind of questions that are there in the section.

Reading Comprehension Sample Questions

The Reading Comprehension questions in the Verbal Reasoning section are a group of questions that are based on a passage that is provided with the questions. They can be multiple choice or select in the passage questions that have to be answered by carefully analyzing the details in the provided passage. The free materials for the practice of the Reading Comprehension questions can be found easily on the net.

The links given below allow access to free sample questions for the Reading Comprehension questions-

Reading Comprehension Sample Select in Passage Questions

One type of questions that are asked under the Reading Comprehension questions are in the select in the passage format. These questions ask the candidate to select the sentence in the passage provided that best suits and complements the description given in the question. These questions are restricted to the computer based test format only; the candidates have to highlight the appropriate sentence in the passage by clicking anywhere on it. The free sample questions for these types of questions let one practice for them well.

The links listed below give access to sample questions for the select in the passage type questions to allow  free preparation-

Reading Comprehension Sample Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple choice questions that fall under the Reading Comprehension questions in the Verbal Reasoning section require the candidates to chose the correct answer option from the provided option lists. There are two types of these questions-

Sample Text Completion Questions

The Text Completion questions require the candidates to complete small, 4-5 lined passages by filling in the empty blanks in them with the correct answers that have to be chosen from the options given along. The practice done for these questions using free sample questions can help the candidates answer them easily. There are three answer options given for each blank, and the correct answer option has to be chosen on the basis of the information given in the provided part of the passage. There can be a chance that there is just one blank in the passage, in that case, there are five options given in order to raise the level of difficulty.

The free sample questions for these question types can be found on the following links-

Sample Sentence Equivalence Questions

The Sentence Equivalence questions ask the candidate to complete the provided sentences by filling the empty portions in them with the most suitable two options given in the option lists. The options chosen should suit the details given in the provided part of the sentence and convey the same sense as it does. There are six answer options provided in these questions and the candidate has to choose two most relevant options out of them. The free sample questions help one choose the correct options easily in the final test.

The links to the free sample Sentence Equivalence questions are listed here under-

Quantitative Reasoning Section Sample Questions

The Quantitative Reasoning section in the General Test is based on the reasoning abilities of the candidates; on the basis of which they should be able to derive the correct answers for the quantitative problems in the test. The test has its grounds in the high school level syllabus but the approach and question patterns being different, the candidates require a lot of practice using free materials like sample tests and sample questions. One can find free sample questions for all the types of questions that are asked under this section.

Quantitative Multiple Choice Questions

There are Multiple Choice questions in this section of the General Test also. In these, one has to choose the correct answer option from the provided list of options. But the catch here is that one has to do the calculations swiftly and derive the answers. The candidate in this section is not scored for the calculations but for the correct answer chosen. Thus, the practice for these questions with free materials sharpens the ability to reach to the correct answer as soon as possible.

The questions in the Multiple Choice Format are of further two types-

Sample Numeric Entry Questions

The Numeric Entry questions require practice using free materials because of the unique pattern that is adopted for them. The questions are accompanied with empty boxes in which the correct answers have to be filled in carefully. The answers to these questions are in the form of fractions or decimal figures so the boxes have to be filled taking care of the format.

The sample Numeric Entry questions for free preparation can be found on the following links-

Sample Quantitative Comparison Questions

The Quantitative Comparison questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE General Test are based on the candidate’s ability to judge the relation between two given values correctly. These questions contain two values which have to be compared and the candidate has to choose the answer option, from the listed four, that best describes the relation between them. The free materials for these questions are required so that one can identify the correct answer options easily and swiftly.

The Sample Quantitative Comparison questions for free preparation are listed as under-

The free preparation materials like sample questions and tests make it very easy for the candidates in being competent in handling the various types of questions asked in the GRE General Test and its various sections. They can be fully aware of all the technicalities of the test and question patterns and can easily face the final test, so as to achieve high scores in it.