Prep Classes for GRE

How can GRE Prep Classes help you?

Like most standardized tests, to study in the U.S and in other English speaking countries, GRE acts as a platform not only for the students but also for prospective schools looking for potential candidates. From August 1st, 2011 you will be answering the new format of test which has been redesigned to reflect the skills which are more aligned to meet the present day economic times. The computer adaptive test will now be replaced by computer based test. You can now no longer give the excuse about not performing well because you could not do a recheck; well that’s a thing of the past now. The revised computer based test is friendlier, as in, you can do a review and preview of your questions, you now no longer have to stretch your brains to accommodate all that vocabulary because antonyms and analogies have been deleted. The scoring pattern too has been improved to remove the discrepancies which existed before.

Now you must be looking forward, to answer a friendlier paper, but that still does not excuse you from preparing hard and preparing right. This article is all about and how the preparation classesthese classes can help you embark on your latest contest. The reviews are, not in any particular order of preference.

While, most courses on the net provide general strategies, pacing strategies and mock examinations for practise, you need to possess the foundation knowledge which is necessary for the exam. This includes basic math, vocabulary, reading, and reasoning skills for the Math and Verbal sections. Once you learn the fundamentals, you will learn strategies and techniques to apply your knowledge to complicated test questions with the help of a good preparation course.

You should bear in mind that the GRE is after all an aptitude test, wherein Math and English foundations are tested through the various question types. Although you have limited time to answer your test, working too quickly also can damage your score. Many of the problems hinge on subtle points, and you have to carefully read the setup. Because undergraduate schools put such heavy reading load on students, it is but natural that you will follow this academic conditioning and read the questions quickly, looking only for the gist of what the question is asking and once you have found it, you will mark the answer and move on; confident that you have answered it correctly. Later, it comes as a surprise to many of you when your scores reflect the unexpected, it is because you have either misread the problems or overlooked subtle points.

It is therefore important, if you are seeking to peak your scores, plan and focus your efforts with the help of sound preparation classes. is an online course at select centres around the world. Besides being a cost effective class room contact program, it is extremely popular with the student community aspiring for an ivy- league education. The online courses are scheduled as in person and small class modules with an impressive list of experienced tutors. The MATH preparatory program helps you break down problems into commonly found concepts and quickly compute the solution. The rigorous verbal section helps you to convince yourself and overcome any mother tongue influence that international students commonly encounter. The reading comprehension focuses on analysis of essay structures and practise questions for understanding. You must bear in mind that in order to take full advantage of the course, you must establish a rapport with the tutor and ensure that you are grouped so that necessary attention is devoted to your weak areas. is a highly interactive free preparation web site. Its GRE companion module is a useful tutorial that teaches you how to approach each kind of question, lets you practice questions at your own pace, and monitors your progress. Unlike some other test prep offerings, you don't need to take a lengthy diagnostic test to start, as the site automatically adapts to your skill level as you go, so you can jump right in. It has over 300 pages of content, tips to identify trick questions and extensive use of graphics, illustrations etc. that helps you to reinforce concepts. Though the revised test no longer has antonym and analogy questions, there is no harm in going through these sections. The analogies and sentence completion chapters are very popular, as the instant hints and explanations are useful to understanding. However, it must be borne in mind that the practise tests bear only a superficial resemblance to the questions actually used on the test. Even the questions are not actual questions from real test; although they are designed using the same method used in designing previous question papers. is comprehensive class room training promoted by ASCENT Education in India. It has one of the best records of sending students to graduate universities in U.S. You can also avail their classroom contact programs in Chennai and Mumbai besides, the GRE lessons, eBooks and preparation material that are available online. This program is designed as a 10-weeks/60 hours contact class module. You need not worry too much about the class timings as it is scheduled as three sessions of two hour duration each for weekends and during weekdays it is scheduled after college hours to make it convenient for students in the final and pre-final year of their college.

The quantitative section emphasises on learning the basics right and then building up to tackle tougher questions in each subject. The practise assignments are structured around comparative answers and more than one right answer format for that topic. Great emphasis is on how to attempt Math word problems, classify the theory fundamentals and accurately review solutions. - is video instructions based online training that delivers at your convenience through the GRE advantage – on demand course. A highly rated faculty of champions allow you to focus on desired areas at your convenience. If you have been out of touch from maths for a long time then, their math refresher which can be had on demand is a useful tutorial for revisiting fundamental math skills. The GRE Kaplan quiz bank helps you target your practise with more than 1000 questions, designed with instant performance reports and detailed explanations for every choice answer. You have the choice to test yourself in tutor mode or timed mode. What is really the hallmark of the Kaplan series tests is the fact that the content and the strategies prescribed are vigorously researched by the faculty. This also gives you a better perspective of what other resources are available and makes the learning more interesting. Also, you can suitably augment your study and awareness for the final test by the systematic and comprehensive preparation material advised by Kaplan. This 42-hour Revised GRE Preparation class is a traditional classroom based course that consists of Math Prep, Verbal Prep, and Quantitative Prep content taught over a period of seven weeks, with an option for online participation. Students from various centres spread across North America complete six computer based tests outside normal class hours thus your time in class is focused 100% on instruction. Math Prep focuses on reviewing arithmetic, algebra, word problems, geometry, graphs, and data analysis. Verbal Prep puts together all components of the Verbal Reasoning section like Sentence Equivalence, Text Completion, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Writing. Quantitative Prep enables techniques that will help you answer quantitative comparisons and discrete quantitative questions, and build on your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data and graph analysis, probability, and analysis of word problems. Lastly, the strategy tips and tricks help you decide the approach that works best for you, which is indeed the mantra for high percentile scores in the GRE.