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Can I prepare for GRE without attending a GRE prep class?

GRE is taken by thousands of students as the first step towards higher and better education with the option of specialization in a desired field. A large number of test-takers take their preparation for taking the test seriously and they spend a lot of time and effort in studying for the test so that they are able to score high in the test. You will be competing against these test-takers as your test scores will be compared to theirs as you will be amongst the hundreds of applicants who have applied for admission to a reputed graduate program that can accommodate only a handful of students. This makes it apparent that you cannot hope to rely on your test scores for admission to a desired college program unless you have been able to do exceedingly well in the test.

GRE is not a test of subject-specific knowledge; rather it is a test of specific skills that are expected to have developed over a period of time while you were carrying out your undergraduate studies. These skills cannot be developed overnight and nor can you expect to do well in the test by cramming facts and figures a week before the test date. You need to take a practice test, solve sample questions, go over the scope of the test and carry out a self-assessment regarding your chances of doing well in the GRE. Once you have identified your weak areas you need to work upon them and the best way to do so is by attending a preparation class.

What is the best way to attend a GRE prep class?

It would be futile to attend a preparation class and not be aware of how to utilize it to its fullest potential. You should be aware of the advantages offered by a preparation class and how to make optimum use of all these advantages.

  • Most reputed test preparation institutes employ well qualified and experienced teachers to conduct classes. You will gain a lot through firsthand experience as most teachers would be the ones who have scored high in the test themselves. So, make sure you interact with your teachers and get all your queries clarified at the earliest.
  • A wide variety of study materials is provided to students attending preparation classes. This will be a relief for you as searching for suitable preparation materials is not an easy task. Go through all the study materials that have been provided.
  • While attending a preparation class you will learn about various test-taking tips and strategies which otherwise you would not have been aware of had you been preparing for the test by studying on your own. Practice all the test-taking tips and strategies whenever you take practice tests. These tips and strategies can be mastered only with practice and do not expect miracles by trying them out on the test date only.
  • The preparation classes include numerous practice tests as a part of their curriculum. Your performance in these practice tests help you in gauging the progress you are making in your preparation for taking the test; so take your practice tests seriously. Once you have identified your weak areas make sure that you spend time in improving upon those areas and this can be verified by your performance in the next practice test that you take.
  • You will learn a lot by interacting with the other students who are attending the classes with you. Not only should you try to learn from their mistakes, but you can also form a study group and work together on preparing for the test.
  • Some test-preparation institutes offer special classes that are tailor-made to suit your requirements. For instance, you can attend a prep class that concentrates on helping you sharpen those skills that are evaluated in a specific test section. Make sure that you join the class that suits you the best.

Can I attend any GRE prep class?

Conducting coaching classes has become a very profitable business today as the students are well aware of the career they would like to pursue and most of the lucrative career options like business managers, lawyers, doctors etc. require you to take a standardized test before you can take up higher studies in that field. There are numerous test institutes across the world that conduct classes, but it is not necessary that all of them will offer you the advantages associated with a good preparation class. You can ascertain the quality of training being imparted at a class by any of the following methods:

  • Feedback from students who have attended the same preparation class in the past
  • GRE scores attained by the students who have taken the same class in the past
  • Career counsellors at the institute

Which are the reputed GRE prep classes?

Rather than wasting time in researching the standing of a particular test-preparation institute, it is better to attend a  class that is popular and is known to be of a high repute. You need to visit the websites of such institutes and check certain aspects like whether they conduct classes near your residence and what the cost of attending preparation classes would come to. Some reputed classes are listed below:

1. Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan is a very well known name in the test-preparation industry. The preparation classes offered by Kaplan have been known to be extremely beneficial for those who attend them. The link, will provide you with detailed information regarding the types of preparation classes offered by Kaplan. Subject to some conditions, Kaplan offers to return the preparation class registration fee if you are not able to score high in the test. This talks of their confidence and experience in the field of test-preparation.

2. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has created a niche for itself in the world of test-preparation. It is well known for the quality of training imparted to students attending the classes being conducted by them. The link, will provide you with detailed information on the types of classes being offered. You can take your pick from a variety of classes including private tutoring and online classes depending upon your requirements.

3. Testmasters

Testmasters is another well known test-preparation institute that offers a variety of classes. You can visit the link, for detailed information regarding the  classes being offered by them. Testmasters offers both classroom and online classes and you can register for them online.

Do not forget...

No matter how reputed or good a preparation class is, you may still not gain anything even after investing a lot of time and money in the class if you do not put in deliberate effort to review whatever has been taught to you in the prep class. Make optimum use of the guidance and training that will be imparted to you while attending study class and you are sure to do well in the GRE!