GRE Prep Books


The Best GRE Prep Books For You

If you have decided to take the GRE, you need to have good understanding on having complete information about the exams, the test pattern, subjects for study, registration for the test, etc. These are crucial in helping you achieve a high score with confidence. The important thing you will need among the many preparation materials are a set of good books that can give you the required edge over others on the test day. But how you choose to buy a prep book rests entirely on your preparation and reading style because if you look up on the internet you can find a long list of books that may confuse you in picking a good one.

Benefits of using a GRE Prep Book

The unfortunate part is that no one single book will fully guarantee you to achieve a high score in the GRE. On exploring further you will be fortunate to note that most of the  high score achievers have also studied the same popular preparation books that others are studying. What makes them a winner? It is dedicated hard work, perseverance, stamina, positive thinking and confidence. Developing these qualities in you can certainly help you achieve your aim. You can buy the most popular books available in the market, the books that others are using all the time. Many of the popular preparation books benefit you by providing help in,

  • developing certain personality traits like positive attitude, confidence, etc. that are required on the test day;
  • making you practice the questions first followed by the study material for each section;
  • analyzing each answer for a question;
  • how to apply inductive and deductive reasoning in choosing the right answers from the given answer choices;
  • how you can manage your time on the test day;
  • answering all the questions without leaving a single question.

It provides lot of insights and practice tests on all three scoring sections of the test vis-'-vis the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing. Many of the prep books also contain a CD-ROM with testing software which gives you the added benefit of practicing on the computer and have a feel of actual test taking experience. While preparing it is important to keep in mind that the tests are intended to test your skills on logical reasoning, problem solving, and analytical thinking skills instead of testing how well you have understood a subject or topic. Also having a high IQ may not guarantee a high score all the time.

Review of a few GRE Books

1. Barron’s New GRE with CD-ROM, 19th Edition

This is the latest edition and takes care of the new test pattern introduced by ETS. Barron's new GRE manual is one of the popular books which offers intensive practice and review for all question types. The book has a diagnostic test and two full-length model GREs with answer analysis and explanations on choosing the right answer for all questions answered. The book also presents a test overview and valuable chapters on test-taking techniques. The book helps a test taker to solve hard math problems and also provides good insights on verbal and writing sections. The manual covers the verbal reasoning section in its entirety. The quantitative section contains practice tests for multiple-choice questions and quantitative comparison questions. The manual comes with a CD-ROM which contains a model test that is similar to the actual computer based test for getting familiar with the test. The practice computer based tests also contain explanations for answers and automatic scoring. Overall, readers reviews suggest that it is a must have book for GRE.

2. The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test with CD-ROM

This official guide is also a must have because it comes directly from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) the people who conduct the test. This book describes the test pattern and includes questions and topics from actual tests administered previously. The book covers all the new question types and includes practice questions of each type, including sample analytical writing topics. It also includes a full test on CD and tips from the test-makers’ strategies for scoring high. The official guide is an essential resource for every test taker.

3. Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2012

The Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide 2012 is good in many ways like enhancing the thinking skills for test takers, developing confidence and explaining approaches to solve questions in a simple manner. The book offers 3 full-length practice tests, inside information on how questions are structured and strategies to help a test-taker to save study time. The book offers to hone your skills you need to unlock the answers and use them consistently. Many schools providing prep courses use Gruber’s books for improving critical thinking ability among students.

4. Cracking the GRE with DVD 2011 Edition by Princeton Review

Cracking the GRE with DVD 2011 by Princeton Review offers the test taker access to 4 full-length practice tests online and over 300 practice questions are available in the book. The book provides detailed explanations for every practice question, video tutorials from their best instructors and strategies and techniques for solving tough problems. This product also offers tutorials that are interactive and delivered online with extra practice questions.


As mentioned earlier, there is not one single book which can guarantee you a high score in the test. The popular preparation books offer you many benefits, test taking strategies and tips that will help you in approaching the tests with confidence. You are encouraged to practice different questions well using different  books and take the GRE tests with ease.