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GRE Practice Exam

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The best way to prepare for the GRE test is to take practice exams. By taking a practice exam that attempts to emulate the real test, you can have a glimpse of the actual test. If you are new to the GRE test, then the practice exams can be useful in introducing you to the test. As the test has been revised thoroughly, most of the students — including those who have taken the test previously — are now new to the revised version of the test. As a result, taking mock exams is now more important than ever. It will help you to be comfortable with the latest format of the test. The Powerprep software, provided by ETS, does the same: it gives you an idea of the actual test and lets you take a practice exam to measure your preparation. However, students often feel the need to take more practice tests. Following this link, you will find more exam samples on each of the question types of the test:

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Reading Comprehension Multiple-choice GRE Practice Exam:

Taking a practice exam is very useful for the Reading Comprehension questions of the test. As this section requires you to understand a whole passage and answer the questions that follow, that too within the limited time during the test, you better practice a lot with the help of mock exams. As this section measures your ability to interpret the English language, you need to have a good vocabulary to be able to answer all the questions. You will have multiple-choice questions where you need to find out the correct answer from the five answer choices. Samples containing such questions from the Reading Comprehension section of the test are listed below:

GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences

In the revised version of the test, there can be multiple correct answers to the multiple-choice questions of the Reading Comprehension section. These exam samples contain multiple-choice questions with more than one correct answer:

Reading Comprehension Select in Passage GRE Practice Exam:

The Select in Passage questions are new type of questions available in the computer based format of the revised test. Such questions ask you to find out and select sentences from the given Reading Comprehension passage that fit the description provided in the question. The following samples contain this type of questions:

Text Completion GRE Practice Exam:

As antonyms and analogies have been removed from the test to shift stress from out-of-context vocabulary, the fill-in-the-blanks questions now replace them. As such, these questions provide a context within which the students' vocabulary is tested. The Test Completion questions fall into this category. In these questions, a few crucial words are removed from the given short passage, and some word choices are provided against each blank. The number of word choices varies depending on the number of blanks provided. You need to fill in the blanks by selecting the correct alternatives from the word choices. The practice exam samples below provide such questions for you to practice:

Sentence Equivalence GRE Practice Exam:

Sentence Equivalence questions, too, ask you to fill in the blanks with appropriate words. However, only one blank space and six word choices are provided, and you need to find out two words similar in meaning which can complete the sentence. As the word choices may contain misleading word-pairs along with the correct one, be careful about your answer choices, and be sure to take practice exams to improve your skills. If you are unable to understand how these questions test your vocabulary, take a look at the exam samples below:

Quantitative Comparison GRE Practice Exam:

The Quantitative Reasoning section has also gone through significant changes in the revised version of the test. If the introduction of the calculator helps the students with minor calculations, then the new question types measure your quantitative reasoning skills even more deeply. To begin with, the Quantitative Comparison questions judge your skills by asking you to compare two quantities to determine their relationship. You have to select whether one quantity is greater than the other, or they are equal, or that the relationship cannot be determined. Take practice exams to ensure that you do not confuse the four choices which remain same for all the questions of this type. The following exam samples provide such questions for you to answer:

Problem Solving GRE Practice Exam:

Problem Solving questions are still basically the same; these ask you to solve a given problem to get the correct answer. However, now these questions, too, can have multiple correct answers. You will get five answer choices to choose from. The samples below provide problem solving questions with single correct answer:

As mentioned above, the problem solving questions can have more than one correct answer, in which case you must choose all the correct answers. You might need good exam samples to know what to expect from this type of questions. Here are some practice questions:

Numeric Entry GRE Practice Exam:

The Numeric Entry questions are totally different form the rest of the questions in the test. This is the only question type that requires you to write down your answers rather than choosing them from given answer choices. At first, these questions may seem a bit intimidating, as you cannot match your answers with the given choices. As a result, you need to be more careful in your calculations. The samples are particularly significant here. Try out the practice questions provided below to get comfortable with this type of questions:

GRE Practice Exam for Download:

If you are unable to take practice tests over the internet, you may consider downloading free practice exams available from the link provided below. Here you will find 25  samples covering most of the sections of the GRE test.

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