GRE PowerPrep

GRE POWERPREP is a software provided by ETS for the preparation of ETS-GRE. This software can be downloaded from the ETS official website, for free!

The software is detailed practice equipment complete with information and instructions to prepare for the test. The software explains how to use POWERPREP using the tools available. If there is anything you need to know about how to prepare for the test, what questions to expect, the scoring procedure, time management, it is explained in this software. Each type of question is explained separately followed by relevant examples. The examples are not just stated but they are equipped with directions and strategies to be used. Moreover, the examples are explained. Hence you get a brief overview of the test while going through the introduction. The analytical writing section of the test is dealt with separately. This part of the test is considered very difficult and tricky to handle. The software gives special attention to this section, complete with tips and examples. There is even an explanation available for students to know what is expected of them.

Keeping in mind those students who are not well versed with computers, the software also explains the basic functions of a mouse, how to scroll, how to use the testing tools and answer. So, you don't have to bother if you don't know the basic computer functions. The software will teach you all!

There is an Adobe Acrobat file devoted entirely to mathematics. It gives a basic explanation of all mathematics concepts one needs to revise for the test. Also it has a lot of unsolved practice questions for you to revise independently.

The practice sections of the test are dealt with in two ways. Firstly you have practice questions section-wise and secondly you have two complete tests. So you can practice the separate sections first and then the complete tests.

The software has a list of reports of scores of test takers. You have a variety of options to choose from, depending on the type of report you wish to see. But most likely you would not be interested in all the statistics available.

Lastly the software has a number of links to other options which you can choose from for improving your preparation for the test. There are tests you can take and get a review on your performance from experts. But these options don't come for free!

One major point of credit to the software is that it is released by ETS. ETS does not license its materials to any other company and hence the questions authentic and reliable. So while you are preparing from this software you can be sure of what you are doing and trust the source completely. Some of the older materials available are outdated and contain questions of a type no longer tested in the GRE. No point in wasting your time and energy there.

The most significant part of this software is that it rids you of the hassle of going through books. POWERPREP gives you the actual flavor of what is to come in the real ETS-GRE. Moreover it solves dual purpose. While it prepares you for taking the test it can be considered as a simulation of the actual test as it gives you practice of taking the computer adaptive test as well. Also the practice tests look exactly like the real test. You get a feel of how the screen looks, how to enter answers, how to navigate, type etc. Familiarity with the test structure is important before you take the real test as you can not afford to get confused at the test centre and waste time, you can be comfortable and concentrate on the content better. This also enhances your confidence level.

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