GRE PowerPrep

GRE PowerPrep Continued

This software is especially useful for predicting your scores. You can take the test and see where you stand and how hard you need to work. Also you can judge which your weak areas are. Going by the reviews it can be said that the predictions are quiet accurate.

Also, practicing with a test identical to the type you will actually encounter can give you an extra edge on speed, which is a key consideration.

A regular problem with most of the other products available in the market is that they invariably have mistakes. The questions are unlike those you will see on the real test and the scoring schemes are incorrect. Furthermore, in every other book or software program, the math is easy. POWERPREP overcomes all these problems. As a result of its adaptive format you will get to solve hard problems if you are good in math and the solutions given are absolutely correct.

When you retake the test you almost get new questions, which is a very useful feature of the software. You can take each test approximately thrice and as it is adaptive each time you would get a fair portion of new questions. Even after you take the two tests, you could actually take them a few more times. Since the tests are adaptive each time you take the test, you get a different variety of questions, depending on your level of performance.

Like most preparation materials this too has its shortcomings. The most upsetting problem with the software is that while it explains the answers of the practice problems it does not give explanations of the answers of the full length tests. For these tests, you can review and see which problems you got wrong, and what the correct answer is, but there is no explanation available.

The software is only IBM or PC compatible and is not Mac compatible. So, some of you will be disappointed.Another problem is that when you run POWERPREP it will alter your PC's monitor resolution, so the text within the program might get difficult to read.

Sometimes the explanations are short and not clear. You might end up feeling lost as there is no other alternative source of explanations to the specific problems. Also it is likely that you can just use your knowledge rather than learn some new concept from the practice questions. POWERPREP has just two practice tests, and this might seem less for complete practise. The internet is full of free tests to assess your performance.

Ordering for the software to be sent to you might not be a good option. Downloading it from the official ETS website will be better as it saves you the trouble of waiting for the software to be sent and you save valuable time. Sometimes students receive the software just a few days before the ETS-GRE and at that time it is nearly useless.

Some reviews claim that the preparation material is easier than the actual test. This could be a consequence of the computer adaptive test format of ETS-GRE. So while you prepare keep this point on mind, lest you end up being overconfident by a good score in the practice test.

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