GRE is the abbreviation of Graduate Record Exam. It is one of the many entrance exams conducted by ETS, a private non profit organization. GRE is an entrance exam which is meant for college admission after high school. If you intend to get into a deemed college in the US then you shall have to obtain a high score in this exam.

GRE tests you for the elementary knowledge and skills that you are supposed to possess when you undertake a graduate course. When you take admission in a college you are expected to have a certain level of knowledge and abilities which are mandatory for graduation. It tests you and quantifies your abilities in the form of scores. These scores help college admission authorities judge you and decide whether you have merits enough to be admitted to their institution or not. Most colleges across US ask for GRE scores while some do not give much weightage to it. They have other criterion to judge students seeking admission in their institution. Nonetheless, you must appear for the test to be on the safer side.

It is administered in a number of centers all around the world. Depending on the center there are two formats of the test that you can choose from: the paper format and the computer adaptive format. The paper format is the traditional format that most of you must be familiar with. The computer adaptive format of the test (also called the CAT) is new and it is rapidly replacing the paper format. In the CAT you are made to test on a computer. While you take the test the computer shall choose subsequent questions, from a pool of questions, depending on your responses. If you answer a question wrongly then the next question will be easier, and contrarily if you answer a question correctly then the subsequent question will be of a higher difficultly level. In this manner you will be able to answer maximum number of questions correctly.

The number of students preferring to take the CAT is ever increasing. Consequently, it is administered in a large number of test centers. In case you also plan to take the CAT, then your preparation will have to include some computer based practice tests to familiarize you with the GRE CAT.

There are a number of sources which can help you to prepare for the test; the most common ones being books, softwares, coaching classes and online resources. Each GRE review has its own merits and demerits. The selection of a test review is highly dependent on your style of studying and time constraints. A review that suits you might not suit your friend. It is a matter of personal choice and preferences.

Let us discuss the online options in detail. There are basically two ways in which you can prepare for the test. Either you can prepare for certain selected sections or questions of the test or you can prepare for the complete test.

In case you do not plan to prepare for the all the sections of test then there are a large number of options for you. Online resources generally give practice for the verbal and the quantitative sections. You shall not be provided much educative material; you can practice through quizzes, puzzles, games, practice tests etc. There are a number of websites where you can register for free to practice online. These online resources can only be used as a form of practice; they can not be used in the initial stages of your preparation, where you are revising your concepts. The link to one such website is . Here a number of different practices tests are listed for you to choose from.

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