GRE Online Exam


Students are constantly worried about their GRE test preparation. As such, for some students, it is better to have as much preparation materials as possible. However, it is never possible for a single student to utilize all the study materials that are available. Rather, more preparation materials might even confuse the students as to which ones to follow within the limited time period. On the other hand, GRE practice tests are always sought after, as it is very hard to find enough practice tests of good quality. Books and preparation courses also come with limited number of practice tests. As a result, students often look for online exam resources. Students are often worried about the quality of online study materials, but when it comes to sample questions and  exams; these are good options for self-analyzing your skills. Even if you are unsure about how accurate the scores of these exams are, the questions that you get to practice through an online exam should be satisfactory in quality and number. As a result, being able to take an online exam is always a welcome option for most of the students. The link below will provide you with samples that you can practice:

Reading Comprehension Multiple-choice Online Exam:

In the Reading Comprehension section of the test, you are provided with a passage which is followed by questions based on that passage. You must read the passage carefully to answer the questions. You will face multiple choice questions which let you choose an answer from the five choices that are provided. Some of the multiple-choice questions may require you to select multiple correct answers. The online exam samples below will provide practice tests with both single and multiple correct answers. Follow these links to find out  examples of this type:

Reading Comprehension Select in Passage Online Exam:

Introduced recently in the revised version of the test, the Select in Passage questions ask you to select a sentence from the given passage that matches with the description provided in the question. Once you select a sentence from the passage, it will be highlighted. You will get to know such questions through the exam samples provided here:

Text Completion Exam:

In the Text Completion questions, you will be asked to complete the given sentences which contain blank spaces that are to be filled up by appropriate words. A number of words will be provided against each blank, and you need to choose the correct alternative for each of them. As there are multiple blanks and you need to get all the answers correct, you better practice online exams available on the internet. Here are the links to pages containing samples for Text Completion questions:

Sentence Equivalence  Exam:

The Sentence Equivalence questions provide you with a sentence containing a single blank. You get six answer choices against that blank. You will have to choose two words similar in meaning, each of which should be able to make the sentence meaningful. This type of questions tests your vocabulary skills. You can get your skills tested by taking available below. This might be much needed for most of you as these questions are also new to these online exams. You can consider taking the online exam samples by following these links:

Quantitative Comparison Exam:

The questions in the Quantitative Comparison section test your Quantitative Reasoning skills by asking you to analyze a given problem to determine the relationship between two quantities. You have to decide which of the quantities is greater than the other, or if they are equal. You can also consider the relationship unresolved if the case be so. Utilize these online exams below to know more about this type of questions. Follow these links to get to the exam samples for these questions:

Problem Solving GRE:

The Problem Solving questions also provide you with problems that you need to solve in order to get the correct answer. You will get five answer choices from which you have to select the correct answer. In the revised version of the test, these questions can have multiple correct answers. In that case, be sure to select all the correct answers accordingly. samples are available below for practicing the problem solving questions. Though you can now use a calculator during the test, the questions are harder now, and you need a lot of practice. Here are the samples that contain problem solving questions:

Numeric Entry GRE :

The other kind of questions you need to practice a lot through the online exams is the Numeric Entry questions. Not only are these questions new, they are also totally different from the other types of questions. These are not multiple choice questions; as a result, you do not get answer choices to choose your answers from. You have to solve the problem and put down the answer in the given answer field. Samples will introduce you to this type of questions. Take a look at these tests to get started: