GRE ONLINE Continued..

For complete revision you will have to register for an online GRE course. There are many websites which provide online coaching on payment of a fee. There are also some coaching institutes which run special online courses for GRE. These online courses can be broadly classified into four types; GRE online course with live instructions, GRE online private tutoring, GRE online courses and GRE online crash courses.

GRE online courses with live instructions will mean that you get access to the course materials, which you study on your own, and in addition you get live online instructions from experts. Through these live sessions you are taught special concepts and tactics. Moreover, you can clear the doubts, which one encounters while preparing independently, from these experts. This way you make full use of your time and study at your own pace without compromising on clarity of concepts. Whatever doubts you have can be clarified through the teachers. The multimedia lessons that you take are nearly 25 to 35 hours in duration.

GRE online private tutoring has more live instructions as compared with the former option. In this program you are assigned a tutor who teaches you according to your needs and thus you get personal attention. The duration of these live sessions can vary from 15 to 20 hours. In this online program there is little that you have to study on your own and the tutor is supposed to teach you exclusively. Thus you can be flexible about the way in which you prepare. You have access to multimedia online lessons and get other preparation materials as well.

GRE online courses without live instruction sessions are also very good. For those who are confident that they shall be able to study independently this option is the best. You can study the 25-35 hours of multimedia lessons at your own pace, and in case of doubts you have 24 online help available. In case you are bound by time, you can take a short online course. These online crash course programs include 5-7 hours of multimedia lessons and practice tests. Most of them lack the live interactive sessions.

To assist your study you shall be provided other study materials like flashcards, books, practice tests etc. You have the flexibility to repeat a lesson, stop it and restart it according to your convenience. You shall also have access to quizzes, puzzles, games, flashcards etc online for revision as well as for bringing in variety. Moreover you shall be informed about any changes in the test pattern at the earliest through online mail and messages.

The most significant feature of these online programs is the practice tests. No  course is complete without practice tests. Each online course must have at least four complete tests which are based on the CAT format. One of the main advantages of taking an online course is that it familiarizes you with a computer and its functioning, so that when you appear for the GRE CAT you are aware of the basic functions of a computer and do not waste your time. In addition, practice of typing on a computer increases your speed which is crucial for the Analytical Writing Section. Hence any course is incomplete without complete practice tests. Moreover it is important that your preparation is assessed from time to time. For this there should be sectional revision tests in the online programs. When you register for any  course be mindful of this important aspect.

Check out the following link for the various options available with Kaplan;jsessionid=LLDMELE1SH0KTLA3AQJHBNVMDUCBG2HB . The online options of Princeton Review can be accessed through the following link .

Some  GRE course providers also prepare demo lessons which you can access to decide the worth of the course. His way you can get a glimpse of what the course shall contain and how you shall benefit from it. There are numerous websites which offer online courses and you have to be very careful while enrolling for a program. Make the required searches, read the details on the websites, seek opinions of others and read blogs to get an idea of what is available in the market. Remember that you have to pay a good amount of money for a courses and it better be worth the amount. Also you invest a lot of time in studying online and the lessons should be fruitful enough. If you find an option which is well recommended and within your budget then go right ahead and register.

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