GRE Math Questions


The Quantitative Section commonly referred to as the math section comprises of math questions asked from your basic high school mathematic fundamentals. Further, the math questions are asked in different formats. Broadly speaking, they include problem solving, quantitative comparison and data interpretation types of questions. Math questions in GRE fundamentally test your quantitative aptitude. These problems must be solved with high speed and accuracy to score high which can be done only by immense practice. The test section that contains math questions is like a deciding factor for the test takers because this section accounts for the maximum marks as compared to the other sections of the test. Regular practice, revising all the math concepts and trying never to repeat the mistakes you commonly commit will help you to score high in the math section.

GRE Math Questions

The Math questions in GRE are framed from the four main subject areas Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data analysis. The link given below provides you a detailed description of these subject areas and the math questions likely to be asked.

Section with GRE Math Questions

The link given below provides you a deep insight into what you require for solving these problems with ease and for scoring high in the GRE math section. It also describes the types of the math questions that appear in the test.

Data Interpretation GRE Math Questions

Data Interpretation is one of the most important types of questions asked in the Quantitative Section of the GRE. Data interpretation questions are a set of questions referring to data in the form of a table or graph. You will have to solve the given question by analyzing the given data. You may be asked either multiple choice math questions with select one choice or select many choices or even numeric entry type. The link given below provides you with a detailed description of the data interpretation type of questions.

Problem Solving Select Many GRE Math Questions

In the problem solving select many type of questions, you will be given math questions to be solved. Here, you will be given math questions with five multiple choices out of which more than one may be correct. You will have to mark all the correct options in order to be awarded a valid mark. If there are three correct choices and you mark only two of them, you will not be awarded any partial marks. Given below are math questions that help you improve your skills in attempting such type of questions.

Numeric Entry GRE Math Questions

Numeric entry questions are those types of  questions where you will not be given any multiple choices to choose from. The math questions here are followed by a box in which you will have to type in the correct answer after solving it in the form of a numeral. Below given are numeric entry problems for your practice.

Problem Solving GRE Math Questions

The problem solving math questions are the questions that give you a problem to be solved and you have to select the answer from the given choices. These  questions will present you with five choices out of which you will have to select one correct choice. Given below are samples for improving your problem solving skills.

Comparison GRE Math Questions

The comparison type of math questions present you with two situations described with a certain consequence. You will have to understand and derive the outcome to answer these types of problems. Here, you will be given four choices of which the first describes a greater than relation between the instances, the second option describes a lesser than relation. The third describes an equal to relation between the instances and the fourth one states that the relation between them cannot be determined. Below given are comparison  questions for your practice which help you in improving your problem solving skills.