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Prep for GRE Math

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The math section, specifically called Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE General Test gets the prime focus when one prepares for the test, due to the different approach that has been applied to it while designing the test. The section, though, is based on high school math syllabus; the questions are formulated in a novel manner, making it tricky for the candidates to find the solutions to them. It is hence, very important that adequate  preparation materials are adopted so that the candidates can be prepared to handle the various kinds of questions.

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These math preparation materials also gain importance as they prepare the candidates to derive the answers to the mathematical problems at a faster pace such that they don’t devote too much time to the problem solving part. The fact of the matter is that the candidates in the General Test are not required to mention the process and calculations that are involved in solving the problems in the Quantitative Reasoning section. They just have to put or choose the correct answers in the spaces provided and that too in a specific time limit. Therefore, immense  preparation is required so that these aspects of the test can be managed easily.

Acquiring Quantitative Reasoning Section Info before GRE Math Prep

Before one starts preparation for the Quantitative Reasoning section, it is crucial that complete knowledge of the section, the various types of questions that appear in it and the other necessary details about the section are acquired. Without all these details known, it is possible that one has a misguided and ill-focused preparation which can prove costly to the candidate in the test. The correct information leads one to get the proper practice and score well for the section in the test.

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The information and all the required details about the Quantitative Reasoning section can be found on the following links:

One of the important aspects of the Quantitative Reasoning section is the various types of questions that form a part of it. Only after knowing the various question types can preparation be undertaken and followed in a proper manner. The following are the question types that appear in the General Test’s Quantitative Reasoning section:

  • Multiple Choice Questions (with one correct option)
  • Multiple Choice Questions (with two or more correct options)
  • Numeric Entry Questions
  • Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Data Interpretation Questions

GRE Math Prep for Multiple Choice Questions (with one correct option)

The Quantitative Reasoning section in General Test has multiple choice questions which require the candidates to choose the single correct answer option for the given problem, from the given list of five answer options. The candidate is required to possess a pace with which he can identify the correct answer option and pick it out from the list of options given. Math prep for these questions makes a candidate polish this capability and answer these questions easily in the General Test.

The following links provide access to the multiple choice questions with single correct options for math prep:

GRE Math Prep for Multiple Choice Questions (with multiple correct options)

The multiple choice questions in Quantitative Reasoning section find a variant in the test in the form of the multiple choice questions with one or more correct answer options. These questions can have varied number of answer options enlisted with them out of which the candidates have to pick out all the correct answer options. Preparation for math becomes important as there can be multiple correct answers and the candidate should be able to identify all of them in the given amount of time.

Math preparation for multiple choice questions with one or more correct answer options can be done by using the practice tests available on these links:

GRE Math Prep for Numeric Entry Questions

The Numeric Entry questions in the General Test’s Quantitative Reasoning section provide the candidates with empty boxes which are required to be filled in with the correct answers to the questions. The answers are either in the form of fractions or decimal figures and the blanks are provided accordingly to the candidates. The trick is to fill the boxes carefully such that no mistakes are committed and the correct answer is provided to the question given. Math preparation for these questions helps to have a fine hand in handling these questions in the test.

Preparation for the numeric entry questions can be done by using the practice tests on these links:

GRE Math Prep for Quantitative Comparison Questions

Special preparation for Quantitative Reasoning section is important not because of the difficulty level but to overcome the confusion they tend to create for the candidates. The questions contain two values which have to be compared and contrasted with each other so as to figure out the exact relation that they have with each other. The answer is required to be chosen from the given list of four answer options. The candidate has to find out the option that best describes the relation of two figures and answer accordingly.

The practice tests that provide assistance for these questions can be found on the following links:

GRE Math Prep for Data Interpretation Questions

Math preparation for Data Interpretation questions can be very beneficial as these questions require the candidate to have the art to read and interpret the data presentations like pie charts and bar graphs properly. These questions are accompanied by such presentations and the candidates have to read them and answer the questions given along with them. It should be known though that these are not a separate question type exactly but form a part of the numeric entry or quantitative comparison questions using their format only.

Practice materials for the data interpretation questions can be found on the following link:

The use of math prep materials and aids can help candidates attain high scores in the test for the Quantitative Reasoning section at least. The candidates who desire to seek admissions into technical courses require these prep materials especially as their Quantitative Reasoning section scores are given special advantage in the admission processes at many graduate schools around the globe.

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