Help for GRE Math


A very crucial aspect of preparing for the GRE is to familiarize yourself with the questions designed to test your quantitative reasoning skills. You may have a very good grasp over the basic concepts of Mathematics, but you need  help in solving math questions specific to the test format in order to understand what is being evaluated and how you can score high in the Quantitative Reasoning section of the GRE.

If you fall in that category of test-takers who are clueless about how and where to start preparing for the Quantitative Reasoning test section of the test, then you have come to the right page for gathering all the  help that you will need for scoring high in this test section.

GRE Math Help for Understanding the Types of Questions

The Quantitative Reasoning section contains four types of questions:

  • Multiple-choice questions
    • Select one answer from the given choices
    • Select one or more answers from the given choices
  • Questions based on Numeric Entry
  • Questions based on Quantitative Comparison

You will need help to understand the format for these question types. Each question may be presented either as an independent question or it may be presented along with others as part of a set of questions. Such a set of questions is referred to as a Data Interpretation set. All the questions presented in this set will be based on common data that has been provided in the form of tables, graphs or other data representation forms. You can get detailed  help related to the description of the Quantitative Reasoning test section from the following link.

GRE Math Help for the Test Content

Here is another link that is a useful source of aid. You will find a detailed breakdown of the test content right down till the individual topics that fall in the scope of this test section. This page describes the types of questions that will be asked. Moreover, you have the added advantage of going through the strategies for problem solving. This kind of  help will prove to be immensely useful for you in the long run. You will also be provided with sample questions pertaining to each type of question asked in the Quantitative Reasoning test section.

GRE Math Help for Description of the Test Format

If you are not looking for sample questions and you are more interested in a detailed description of the test format for the Quantitative Reasoning section, then the following link will provide you with the relevant help for math. This link will provide you with useful assistance related to the test content and the types of questions that will be asked. You will also be given a brief insight into how to prepare for the GRE Math section.

GRE Math Help for Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple choice questions, which are commonly known as problem solving questions will require you to address a given mathematical problem and calculate the answer. You will be provided with five answer choices and you have to select the correct answer. You need to have a sound mathematical base in order to arrive at the correct answers for these types of questions. You can utilize math assistance to sharpen the skills that will be required for tackling these questions. Math help for these questions comes in various forms, the most useful of these being practice questions. Go through the links listed below consisting of practice problems.

There is another variation of the problem solving questions wherein you will have to choose more than one option as the correct answer. The number of options to be chosen may or may not be specified. This makes it all the more important to utilize help for preparing for these types of questions else you will end up getting confused on the day of the actual test. The links listed below provide adequate math help in this direction.

GRE Math Help for Numeric Entry Questions

The Numeric Entry questions are more challenging as compared to the multiple choice questions as you are not provided with any answer options here. You will have to carry out the calculations in response to the mathematical problem posed and enter the answer in the provided slot. This implies that you will need assistance to understand the best method for tackling these types of questions. Undoubtedly, the best method is loads of practice in solving Numeric Entry questions. Go through the following links to access  help in the form of practice questions.

GRE Math Help for Quantitative Comparison Questions

The Quantitative Comparison questions in the GRE present you with two individual quantities in column A and column B. You will be required to compare the two quantities and identify the relationship between the two quantities. You will be provided with four answer choices and you have to select the most appropriate choice. You have to tick on choice A if the quantity in column A is greater. You will have to tick on B if the quantity in column B is greater and you will choose C if both the quantities are equal. The last option, D will have to be chosen if you feel that the relationship between the 2 quantities cannot be determined based on the information that is provided. You will need math help for developing the skills required for comparing these quantities and choosing the correct answer option. The links given below provide math help for Quantitative Comparison questions.