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GRE Issue Essay Samples

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"Success in any realm of life comes more often from taking chances or risks than from careful and cautious planning."

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The success of a person means that the person has achieved something that he has been trying to get. When the efforts are met with good results and it results in satisfaction of work, it is termed as success. One can be working towards becoming rich or famous or getting a high social position. Thus, a successful person is one who gets all that he is aiming for. It is not only a matter of chance or luck that one turns out to be successful, but one also has to work towards attaining success.

Nothing can be achieved without putting in efforts. Hard work and toil are the prerequisites of success. The first step towards achieving anything in life is hard work. Thus, one has to put in all efforts and dedication towards one goal. This requires you to carefully plan the course of action. With proper planning, it is easier to follow the path to success. It is only through planning that one foresees the situation. Thus, one can act according to the situation without wasting time by proceeding with thoughtfully planned actions.

However, everything cannot be foreseen. You can plan your actions to some extent, beyond which it is only a matter of destiny. This means that most of the times you cannot predict the future. Thus, you are met with surprising twists and turns in your course of actions. These are the hurdles that one does not plan for. Thus, the only option that a person is left with is either taking risks and chances or not proceeding further at all. If a person loses heart, he might drop the idea of proceeding any further. In that case it puts an end to all his efforts and planning. On the other hand, when one takes risks and chances, there are two possibilities. Either the risk is going to be fatal and would meet the same end as that of dropping to proceed further, or the risk would pay off by producing excellent results. Thus, if one comes to think of it, it is the risks and chances that contribute to successfully completing the task. How much ever one plans for the task, there is nothing he can do in case of a crisis other than taking risks.

GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences

There can be another case where following the normal plan of actions gives normal results. However, to gain more than normal, there could a little amount of risk involved. Taking a risk one either could land up in complete loss, or could attain the position that you can never get to if you follow the normal plan of actions. Thus, it can be said that the topmost position is reserved for those who are ready to take the risk instead of following a usual path.

Success can be a relative term as well. A person might consider himself successful if he has a satisfied life and desires. It is possible that he does not aim at the top, but just wants to be happy with his existing state of living. For others success means reaching at the top. Thus, one has to outsmart others and prove his worth in the crowd of people. Only then can the person stand out in a number of people. It is the extra edge that one has over the others that makes him higher than the rest. Thus, to be successful one must have the ability to face every situation boldly. There are many hurdles that one can face in the pursuit of success. These hurdles not only require wise and thoughtful decisions but also quick action and spontaneity. 

GRE Issue Essay Samples

GRE Issue Essay 1 | GRE Issue Essay 2 | GRE Issue Essay 3 | GRE Issue Essay 4 | GRE Issue Essay 5 | GRE Issue Essay 6 | GRE Issue Essay 7 | GRE Issue Essay 8 | GRE Issue Essay 9 | GRE Issue Essay 10


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