GRE FLASH CARD Continued...

There is a variety of GRE flash cards available in the market. There are a number of books which have a combination cards which are detached from the book and an attached instruction material; the two can be used simultaneously. Once you have gone through the instructions in the book you can keep the GRE flash cards handy and access them time and again. The advantage of these GRE flash cards lies in their being portable; you can always pick a few and refer to them while you are on the move. You do not strain yourself and cash in on your spare time. This way you do not have to slot time for memorizing, you can learn a little each time you have a few minutes free. GRE flash cards bring variety and change in your style of studying; moreover makes studying is a lot of fun! While purchasing a book do not forget to check for the material of of flash cards and study guides. They consist of a set of flash cards. It should be light yet strong and it should not bend and tear easily. The size of the cards is another consideration. Make sure that though the flash cards are small enough to be carried, the print is big enough for comfortable reading. It should be attractive as well, for you to pick them time and again. But do not bargain a quantitative set of cards for quality. Your first priority should be informative flash cards according to your requirements.

The flash cards software is also available, much to the relief of many. These software are separately available for both the verbal section and the quantitative section. Some of these flash cards software cover both the sections collectively since they are specifically designed for the test. You can check the various sites for samples and choose which software suits you best. They can be obtained either for free or on payment of a reasonable amount. These software are better than the hard copies of the flash cards for the fact that they are not limited to a set of words or questions. These software have a wide variety of words and questions which you can choose from. You can mark the flash cards for future reference and likewise ignore the unwanted ones. You can also make some flash cards quizzes of your own in some such software. But they come with the inherent problem of portability. It can not be carried like the flash cards hard copies; you have to have a computer for using the software. It can be downloaded for free from a number of sites. The link to one such flash cards software free download is Some sites offer flash cards after you register for free with them. The link to one such site is Here you can create your own set of flash cards as well and study online form them. Some websites offer online practice for free, without even the registration. One such link for vocabulary flash cards is .

The latest innovation in the field of flash cards is that you can install some software in your mobiles or pocket PCs and study the flash cards of GRE. You have to pay some money to download these mobile software; they don't come for free! You can check out the options available on the following links and . This option helps you study for the test when you are on the move, like the traditional paper flash cards do, but without botheration of carrying them separately.

The flash cards are a very powerful tool for learning, depending on how much you can exploit them. When you learn from flash cards, the visual of the flash card gets fixed in your mind and so does the answer. Hence the recall is better and quicker. Here you do not just use your brain but also your eyes which form a picture in your mind. This way memorizing becomes easier and it decreases the strain on your mind. You can make excellent use of flash cards while studying with friends. You can exchange them and then device some small games for testing each other. They are best suited for those of you who plan to study on your own or in small groups. Again it is worth mentioning that you can be highly creative while making use of this learning tool. Remember to make use of these for preparing for GRE; they just might be more helpful than you think!

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