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GRE Exam Schedule

What is the GRE Exam Schedule

The revised GRE General Test is being administered from August 2011, and this new version of the test introduces a few changes in the exam schedule. The most noticeable change is in the score reporting schedule of the test, as the scores of the revised version of the test will not be available before mid-November. It differs depending on which version of the test you are taking; as a result, check the official GRE website to learn which version of the test is being offered in your country.

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GRE Test Formats:

The GRE General Test can be taken either in the computer based format or in the paper based format. It is the computer based format of the test that is available in most places; however, in places where the computer based format of the test is unavailable, you can take the paper based test. Apart from the revised General Test, you can also take the Subject Test, which lets you show off your skills in a specific field of study. The Subject Test can be taken in the paper based format only.

GRE Exam Schedule:

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The computer based revised GRE General Test is offered all year round in most places all over the world. As a result, if you are taking the computer based test, you can take it any time you choose fit. Of course, you are limited by seat availability at your nearest test center. The paper based format of the test is offered up to three times in a year. The test dates differ depending on the location from where you are taking the test. Check the official website to learn more about the exam schedule, registration period and available test centers. However, many test centers may not offer the test on all days, so make sure that the nearby test center remains open on the test date you intend to take the test.

No matter whether you take the computer based test or the paper based one, you cannot take the General Test more than once within a two-month period. Also, you cannot take the test more than five times within one year. As the paper based test is not offered too often, if you are taking this version of the test only, you can take the test as often as it is offered.

As the Subject Test is also available in the paper based format, the exam schedule for the Subject Test is very much similar to that of the paper based General Test. It is offered about three times a year, and is organized at various test sites all around the world. To learn about the available test centers, you need to visit the official web site. The list of the test centers is updated on a monthly basis, as a result, be sure to check it before registering for the test. For the Subject Test, too, you are free to take it as many times as it is offered in your locality.

Registering for the GRE Test:

  • Once you are aware of the exam schedule, you would probably like to get a test appointment fixed as soon as possible. The official website lets you register online for the test directly from the site. However, there are other options as well. You can register by contacting the nearby test center, or by calling Prometric services. If you are from outside the US, you can register by phone by calling the Regional Registration Center of Prometric. In this case, you need to call the Regional Registration Center two days before the test to get the details of the test center and also to get the confirmation number which will be required at the test center.
  • Alternatively, you can register for the test by mail. For registration through mail, you need to download the request form from the website and send it to ETS at least three weeks before the first desired test date. If you are from outside the US, you have an additional choice of registering through fax. Application forms via fax need to reach ETS at least one week before the first test date you choose. The test center details and the confirmation number will be emailed or sent via fax or mail. If you do not get the desired test date, you need to call the Regional Registration Center within 24 hours.
  • You can register for the paper based revised General Test or the Subject Test either online or by mail. If you register online for the paper-based test, you have the option for late registration, for which you have to pay additional fees. This is available for one week after the regular registration period ends. If you decide to take a Subject Test along with the General Test, be sure to register early enough so that you receive the free practice materials that ETS sends before the actual test date.
  • It is the online registration process that is the most convenient option for registering for the test. All you need is to have a credit or debit card and a computer with internet access. However, in certain cases, you may not be able to register online for the test. For students with disabilities, students availing ETS fee reduction certificates, students registering for Monday testing or standby testing, and for students from Nigeria, the online registration option is not available.

Score Reporting Schedule for the GRE Test:

Along with the test schedule, you need to be aware of the test score reporting schedule as well. As mentioned earlier, the score reporting schedule has gone through a few changes with the introduction of the revised version of the test in August 2011. There will be a huge gap in the score reporting cycle, and students taking the test in August will not get their score reports before mid-November. However, from December this year, the score reports of the computer based version of the test will be available within 10-15 days of taking the test; and for the paper based version, the scores will be sent to the students approximately six weeks after taking the test. The detailed score reporting schedule for the months between August and November can be found on the official website. Before registering for the test, be sure to check the score reporting schedule to know when you can expect your scores.

Schedule a GRE Test Date:

The information provided above is enough to help you understand the exam schedule and also to help you in registering for the test. As you can see, you need to take into account quite a few things before you can register for the test. First, learn which version of the test is available for you. Next, learn about the nearest test centers and available test dates based on which format of the test you take. Finally, choose the registration option you find most convenient, and secure a seat for the test!

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