GRE Exam Fee

How Much Shall GRE Cost You

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an exam attempted by undergraduates from all over the world to get admissions to world class universities in countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany etc. This exam is administered worldwide by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) which is the world’s largest non-profit private organisation. The test is administered in two formats by the ETS. One is a paper based test and the other is a computer based test. The competition for this exam is very stiff because it will be attempted by students with different backgrounds and from various regions of the world. The test administration is sophisticated due to its large scope. One can have the comfort of registering for the exam just by sitting at home in front of a computer; through the internet. The process for the GRE test has been made simple and easily understandable. Owing to this fact, the exam fee is slightly higher as compared to that of other such competitive examinations.

The computer based test is conducted throughout the year except on holidays. The paper based test is administered only in those countries where there are no sufficient facilities to administer the computer based test. The test is conducted in many countries across the world. The GRE, since its inception in 1949 follows a standardised testing procedure with some minor changes in the test pattern periodically. Starting from August 2011, the revised General Test of GRE will be conducted. The revised General Test comes with a lot of changes pertaining to the test pattern. However, the test syllabus remains the same. Given below is some information related to the details concerning the exam fee, and some other expenses that you will be charged with respect to some request services they provide like late registration fee, rescheduling fee etc.


  • The exam fee for the candidates who have registered to take the test by the end of July 31, 2011 was between US $130 and US $210.
  • The exam fee is not the same for all test takers. It depends upon the location of the test takers.


  • he revised GRE General Test has an introductory offer with a savings of 50% on the actual exam fee for the candidates who have registered to take the test in the period between August 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011.
  • The exam cost for the candidates hailing from countries other than the US, its territories and Puerto Rico who appear for the revised General test during this period will be US $95.
  • The fee for the candidates who register in the United States, its territories and Puerto Rico is US $80.
  • This offer is valid till the end of September 2011 only. You can avail this offer only by scheduling the exam before the end of September 2011.
  • The fee for the candidates who register after September 30, 2011 is US $190. This fee is applicable for all the candidates hailing from all countries other than the US, its territories and Puerto Rico.
  • The cost of GRE for candidates from the US, its territories and Puerto Rico appearing for the exam after September 30, 2011 is US $160.
  • These are the registration costs which are to be met by the candidate. The exam fee is not accepted in cash. The registration fee can be paid through a credit/debit card, international money order or a certified check. The fee is accepted only in US dollar currency. So, you might be charged a nominal fee for the conversion if you are using a local bank card.


You can register online by creating your own GRE account at, which is the official website of the GRE. The exam fee can then be paid from your account. Any alterations once your registration is completed must be made through your account. All the correspondence will be through e-mail.


  • Registering for the paper based test can also be made through your GRE account.
  • The paper based test is conducted up to three times a year, generally in the months of February, October and November. The notifications can be found in the official  website at the link:
  • You must carefully apply for the test before the deadlines for each test date.
  • This test also costs the same as the computer based test, but there will be a late fee applicable if you cross the registration deadline.
  • Late registration fee for the paper based test costs you US $25 extra.
  • If you miss the online paper based test registration deadline, then you can go for standby testing. This costs you an extra fee of US $50.

The test administrators also provide you with an option of rescheduling the test as well as changing your test centre as per the availability. You will be charged an additional amount of US $50 for either of the above changes that you would like to make. You can also go for a refund by cancelling your application for the exam but it needs to be done at least three days before your test date excluding the test day. You will be refunded half the amount paid by you.


  • The GRE subject test is an exam conducted to test your competence in the specialised subject if your choice.
  • There are altogether 8 individual subjects in which you can prove your expertise.
  • Your performance in the subject tests is like an additional benefit for your profile. The subject tests are conducted worldwide three times in the months of April, November and October.
  • The fee for a subject is US $140 for the candidates appearing in the US, its territories and in Puerto Rico and US $160 for the candidates appearing for the exam from rest of the locations.


The ETS offers various additional services for which you will be charged. Some such services are listed below.

  • You can know your scores once they are processed on phone. You will be charged US $12 for availing this service.
  • You can also order for an Additional Score Report (ASR) for a fee of US $23.
  • For the Quantitative section and the Verbal section, you can review your scores for a fee of US $50.
  • An amount of US $55 will be charged if you wish to review your Analytical Writing section.


You cannot afford to commit a mistake throughout the registration process. Read all the details concerning the payment methods and refund policies. You can find all these details at the following links:

There is also a fee reduction program on presenting a genuine cause for your inability to pay the stated amounts. The information regarding this service can be found at: