GRE Essays

Before you start preparing for the essay writing for GRE, you must be aware of what exactly you are supposed to write, what type of essays are asked, and how you are to approach the questions.

There will be two types of essays to be written. The first essay will be related with analysis of an issue, and the second with analysis of an argument. For analysis of an issue you shall be given two topics out of which you have to choose one. Here the question will present a brief opinion on an issue. You have to analyze it and present your opinion in a convincing manner, within 45-minutes. The second essay will be related with analysis of an argument. Here only one topic will be given and you will have no choice. You will have to critically analyze the argument presented, think of ideas to oppose the views of the author by thinking of valid counter observation, within 30 minutes. Here you will be judged on how well you can critically think and oppose the views given. You need not present your own views here. The topics will be related to general issues and no prior knowledge is required.

The purpose of this essay section is to judge you better. The essays give an insight into your way of understanding, thinking, reasoning, analyzing and presenting your opinions, which can not be judged in a better way. You can not attempt this section by learning anything by rote, you have to scratch your brain and get to the depth of the matter in order to write well. Thus there is no better tool for colleges to judge your capabilities. So, you can not ignore this part of the test and need to prepare well for this section.

When you start preparing gather all the information you can about the essays and choose the best source for preparation, according to your specific capabilities and needs.

Gre Essays - General guidelines for preparation:

When you write an essay the examiner will take notice of the content, the structure, language used and mechanics. All aspects are equally important as the examiner does not judge the essay in separate sections but collectively. Hence it is important that all these aspects are kept on mind.

When you go through the question take some time to concentrate and think clearly about what exactly you want to say, what you want to write and what you don't want to convey. If you have a clear idea about the "what" then the "how" can be easy. If you have a beautifully phrased essay which does not have much meaning and content, then it is absolutely useless. Instead if your ideas are firm and clear then even a few mistakes can be overlooked. You must give valid, intelligent arguments and should not be vague and irrelevant. GRE essays are meant to test both, your critical thinking and writing skills, but definitely it is the former that has more weightage. You basically need to show that you are intelligent enough to think out issues well. So don't be in a haste and immediately start writing. Instead take some moments to think of important valid points that need to be mentioned. Also be careful about mentioning all the points that are on your mind. Concentrate on the more important points and pen them down first, the less important points can be used to meet the word limit.

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