The analytical writing section of GRE or the GRE essay writing section is a part of the test where the student is supposed to write essays on the given topics. This section tests the writing abilities of the students. The language, expression and choice of words are tested in the detailed essays of the essay section.

This section helps in measuring a lot of aspects of a student's abilities. It is used to judge the ideas and expression of a student. The student is required to give examples, or evidence to support his essay. Thus, the essay section also judges the ability to correlate the topic to the activities of life in general.

It requires a well-knit and logically connected essay. This is judged by how well a student is able to develop the structure of the essay in the essay writing section. The way one thought leads to another affects the connectivity of the essay. A student should not only be able to provide relevant information in an impressive manner, he should also present a well built essay.

This section is also a test of the language of a student. The essays are long passages written to express an idea or a thought. It is required to be written in good English. This means that it should be grammatically correct and should be embedded with impressive language.

Types of Essays of the GRE Essay Section
There are two types of essays to be written in this section. These are the issue essay and the argument essay. The student is required to write one of each of the types of essays in the  essay section. For this the student should be familiar with the requirements of the issue essay and the argument essay. Attempting the essays without properly understanding them is a grave mistake and can lead to cancellation of the essay and thus reducing your score.

In the issue essays of this section, the student is given a topic in the form of a statement which is debatable. The student can either agree or disagree with the given statement. Therefore, in the essay you can either support or reject the given statement and support your stand with suitable examples.

On the other hand, in the argument essay of the essay section, there is an argument which represents an author's view. The student is required to analyze the argument critically for its strengths as well as shortcomings. The line of thought used by the writer is supposed to be judged for logic and reasoning. However, the student should not give his own view regarding the argument. The argument should be discussed for all its aspects that make it strong or week with the help of examples. This makes it different as well as more demanding than the issue essay.

Before attempting the essays of the essay section, the student should completely understand the requirements of the essays, without which it is impossible to write a good essay. For this, the students should practice writing issue as well as argument essays and also go through the solved sample essays. This will give them practice and understanding of the essay. It will help in improving the speed of the student as well as the expression, which can add to a good GRE score.