Courses for GRE



Don’t panic at the prospect of taking the GRE!

The prospect of taking the GRE looms in front of most graduate school aspirants like a huge barrier between them and the graduate program of their choice. This is where they go wrong. You should look at the test as a stepping stone to success. Do not look at the test as some invincible monster! Numerous test-takers before you have been able to ace the test and you could be the next one. It is not very difficult to score high in this exam, provided you are aware of the correct method to prepare for the test. Undue panic will lead you nowhere.

A good option would be to attend a course for preparing for the test, especially if you are not confident of doing well in the test without any additional guidance or assistance.

How to choose a good GRE course?

There are numerous test preparation institutes in all major cities of the world and they offer a wide variety of courses. You will have to probe and verify the quality of training being imparted at a particular test preparation institute before you enrol for a test course being conducted by them. A good course is one which offers all or at least some of the following:

  • Good quality study materials
  • Experienced and well-qualified teachers
  • Less student to teacher ratio thereby facilitating easy access to teacher for clarification of doubts.
  • Ample practice on sample questions and full-length tests
  • Diagnostics pertaining to your performance in the practice tests; in other words, the teachers should be able to highlight your weak areas and help you in improving those areas
  • Practice tests in a computerized environment similar to the one in which you will have to take the actual test.
  • Good feedback from students who have attended the same course
  • A high average score of the students who have previously attended the same course

Which are the good GRE Courses?

There are some test preparation institutes which have earned a good reputation and are very popular with test-takers owing to the good quality of training imparted by them and the performance of their students in the test. All the aspects related to good courses are available with the preparation courses being offered by them. These institutes offer a wide variety of preparation courses and you can take your pick from the available test courses depending upon your requirements like accessibility to a centre, the cost involved in attending the course etc. Here is a brief introduction to some of the most popular institutes.

  • Kaplan
    • Kaplan is a world leader in the test prep industry. Kaplan boasts of highly competent and experienced teachers, all of whom have aced the test themselves and therefore, are the best trainers to guide you in preparing for taking the test. There are a wide variety of courses offered by Kaplan, some of which are listed below:

    • On Demand:These are a set of test courses conducted by Kaplan where you can choose to take a course suited to your requirements. The course will progress at the pace that you need and you can access it at a place and time of your choice. Further details regarding this option are available at the link,
    • Online courses:You can opt for live online courses which you can access from anywhere. You can get more information about these test courses from the link,
    • Classroom training: You also have the option of attending the courses in the form of live classroom training. You will benefit from a face-to-face interaction with your teachers and the other students attending the class with you. The link, contains detailed information about the types of courses offered in this category.
    • Personalized tutoring: The option of receiving instructions from a private tutor is also available. You can check the link, for more details.

An advantage of attending courses offered by Kaplan is that subject to certain conditions, Kaplan promises to return the registration fees for the courses you attended if you are not able to get good scores in the test. You can visit the website of Kaplan, for more information on various aspects of attending a course offered by Kaplan. Kaplan also markets various study materials which you can buy even if you are not attending a course conducted by them.

The Princeton Review is also known for the high quality of study materials marketed by them. These study books can be bought either from their website or from other websites like and local bookstores. You can choose from a wide variety of study materials if you are planning to prepare for the test by studying on your own. is the website of The Princeton Review and you can visit this website for all details regarding the types of test courses conducted by them. You can choose the course that fits your requirements and register for it accordingly.

Also, go to the link, and browse through the guarantees that are offered to the students attending the courses. For instance, you can request for a tuition fee refund if your score does not improve even after attending a course. However, this is applicable only for certain types of courses.

  • Testmasters

    The link, will take you to the website of Testmasters which offers various options for preparing for the test by attending a course. Some such options are listed below:

    • Classroom courses
    • Online courses
    • Private courses
    • Custom group courses
    • Tutoring

You can visit their website and choose a course depending upon your requirements. The website contains detailed information about the different types of courses offered by them. You can also access various study materials from the Testmasters website. Testmasters claims that an increase in test scores is guaranteed after attending a course that is conducted by them. Their website also contains details about the GRE and its conduct.

Keep in mind...

You must keep in mind that you would be investing a substantial amount in registering for the course. Moreover, diligent preparation for taking the test is a must if you wish to score high. Therefore, utilize the course you are attending by paying attention to your teachers and reviewing whatever you have learnt after the class is over. Hard work at this stage will reward you with success in the GRE!