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Should you attend a GRE course?


The GRE exam is a standard exam which measures your aptitude for admission to graduate schools. It is administered as a computer-adaptive test or a paper-based test. It does not assess any particular skills or knowledge that you may have. Along with the general test, you may also be required to test for the subject tests. Some institutions might assess a candidate based on the test scores, while some business programs and schools might not consider this a prominent factor. The scores are a common factor to compare the candidates to evaluate them for admission to further studies.

The tests are globally considered tough and competitive. In order to get a high score, you need to prepare well for the test. As you know, this test is a standard test based on a certain pattern. It is not and has never been set in a random or obscure manner. It requires meticulous preparation to obtain a high score. Along with a sound vocabulary, certain test-taking strategies are also considered. Attending a course is very beneficial as it helps you to clear your doubts and helps you to improve your test-taking abilities. Also, of note you can depend on the tutors to provide you guidance and help. The foremost thing is that you would have to work hard to score high in the test. Joining a  course would enable you to know the structure and content of the test. If you find it hard to study on your own, then joining a course is definitely going to help you. It always helps that a tutor is available to evaluate your skills and will help you to improvise. Joining a course helps you to communicate with like-minded people who have similar goals and objectives. Coaching tutors will be have experience and inside information and will guide you in your study.

Studying for the GRE

It is absolutely necessary that you join a coaching institute in order to prepare well for the exam. In order to obtain a high score, you need to prepare yourself well for the  exam. The ideal thing would be to start preparing 3 to 4 months before the exam. There are plenty of options. First, you have to decide whether you want to prepare on your own or you can always study along with a friend who has also decided to attempt the GRE. Alternatively, you can also join a coaching institute for the test. One thing is for sure, that you definitely need to persevere and be committed enough to study for the exam. You have to practice for the test in advance. Try to improve your shortcomings and expand your vocabulary. Learning new words can be a challenge. This can be done by reading books, newspapers, magazines, flash cards, online tutoring and practice tests. Publications such as Reader’s Digest, Consumer Reports, American Demographics, Time, and Forbes to expand your knowledge. Leading newspaper dailies like the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today should be read on a daily basis.

A course for GRE helps you to plan ahead for the exam. Joining a course definitely helps you to be well prepared. You can either study with friends or practice mock tests online. The official website, helps you in test-taking strategies. The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test is a preparation material that includes a CD-ROM of the POWERPREP II Software consisting of 2 practice tests, one in the CD and one in the book, innumerable test questions, essays with reviews by the readers, and tips and strategies, etc. The ScoreItNow software helps you in preparing better for the essay-writing. You can practice your writing online and immediately you will be provided with a score. Joining a coaching institute also helps as the tutors also would aid you in teaching the different sections of the test. You would be provided with tips and strategies for the tests and attempt mock tests.

The prep courses help you in practicing your vocabulary through flash cards, playing interactive games online; create your own word list. Try to learn at least 10 new words every day by trying to form sentences with each word, understanding their meaning, reviewing a list of words after you have learnt them. Some websites offer free practice tests for the exam, while others require you to register and pay a minimum amount to access their tests.

Some books which can be used as practice material are given below:

  • Kaplan GRE Exam 2010-2011 Premier with CD-ROM.
  • Kaplan GRE Exam Math Workbook.
  • Practicing to take the General Test 10th Edition.
  • Barron’s GRE 2011.

Online GRE courses

Software such as Ultimate Vocabulary aids you in your learning process by 7 different methods. It keeps track of your learning process. Words that you are aware of are not repeated in this software. Learning with this software, you can start as a beginner and progress to intermediate and advanced levels. An online personal tutor is available to guide you throughout. Learning words with the aid of visual images, encyclopaedias, history and origin of words all help you to grasp the information more quickly and efficiently. Pronunciation of words enables you to learn words faster. The link for this software is

Nova’s GRE Prep Course - 2011 Edition with CD is a two-month online course with a period of 50 hours. You can study in a virtual classroom environment. Test exercises with answers; strategies on how to perform in the test are provided in this course. It helps you to be more aware of the test questions. It consists of practice tests in Math, Verbal and Writing. In Math, 22 chapters of questions related to mathematical concepts in the test are provided. Verbal section helps you in your Reading Comprehension, passage reading as well as learning the 4000 important test words. Analytical Writing improves your writing skills, grammar, punctuation, writing style, etc

Kaplan GRE Exam 2010-2011 Premier with CD-ROM is one of the most essential tools needed for practice. This software has the latest technology and is very advanced. It provides tips and strategies to score high marks. The prominent features of this software are:

  1. A live online classroom with instant chat, whiteboards, screen sharing, audio, video, etc.
  2. Practice sessions every month.
  3. Quizzes to test you and tips to improve scores.
  4. Effective study and a report of your progress.
  5. Videos where Kaplan’s best authors review the study syllabus.
  6. Provides strategies from the instructors at Kaplan.
  7. Best suggestions for the computer-adaptive test.
  8. Guiding you through the test experience.
  9. Five full-length practice tests including numerous additional questions.
  10. Detailed answer keys to the questions given.

Kaplan provides some advantages that include classroom study, one-to-one, online as well as self-study. It focuses on studying for the exam with online scoring. This software also includes the most effective way of preparing for the exam.

Some of the links to access preparation courses are given below:


A preparation course is absolutely essential to obtain high scores in the exam, without which it is absolutely impossible to perform well. Every candidate who intends to take up the exam definitely should attend a study course. A comprehensive routine study plan can enable you to have a high score. It helps you to be aware of the structure, content, and format of the exam and review the Analytical, Verbal and Quantitative sections.