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Kaplan 2005

GRE Book - 1

New GRE 2011-2012 Premier with CD-ROM (Kaplan GRE Exam Premier Live)

This book is one of the few that are good as a general guide. It is very user-friendly, pretty much covers all the aspects of the new GRE test, and the accompanying CD provides you with practice tests that simulate the real GRE test. Moreover, the content of the CD is complemented by the online contents that you have access to after buying the book. There are simply a lot of practice sets (1 in the CD and 5 more online), over 400 sample question-answers in the CD, and online questions and quizzes. This book may seem particularly useful to students who didn’t study in English throughout school and need to pay special attention to comprehension skills. The comprehension skills section is robust enough to guide students of any difficulty level, and the way the examples, tips, strategies, etc. are organized, you would probably feel more comfortable preparing with this book than the other ones available.

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Princeton's Cracking the GRE 2005

GRE Book - 2

1,014 Practice Questions for the New GRE, 2nd Edition

This book may not be the best one around for the new revised GRE test, but it certainly covers all the sections of the GRE test, and provides enough questions to see you through the test. A word of caution though: blame it on the publisher’s carelessness or the limited time period before the new test, there are lots of errors throughout the book — especially in the math section where you would expect the least mistakes. Yet this book may take a place on your desk for the sheer amount of sample questions it provides you with. In fact, if you take into account the number of errors in the other available books, the huge amount of practice questions can be the actual redeeming feature of this book. If you can indeed overlook the silly mistakes, you would find that the book also has explanations for most of the questions. Whichever book you may follow as the primary guide, you may often feel the need for more exercises to help in your practice. Probably, you would like to keep this one as a side-book to serve that purpose.

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Peterson's Ultimate GRE Tool Kit

GRE Book - 3

Barron's New GRE, 19th Edition

Before going into the details, one thing should be cleared out about this book that this one is for fairly advanced students and may not seem very encouraging to all. Obviously, that does not mitigate its importance, but if you are looking for an overall guide to the test, you may need to take a look at the other books. In the vocabulary section, this book covers more than 3500 words which are crucial in understanding any Verbal Reasoning problems, despite the fact that the new revised GRE shifts focus from out-of-context vocabulary to real-life problems. The point is that you probably no more need to bother about antonyms and analogies, but knowing the correct usage of different words is equally, or even more, important in solving these problems. The book also provides enough examples of the new text completion and reading comprehension questions. Again in the Quantitative Reasoning section you may feel that the lack of proper explanations in some sections is intimidating, but if you have good knowledge of the basics of mathematics, you would probably love to solve the higher difficulty level problems. The bottom-line should be that if you know the basics, you can go for this book to level up yourself, but in case you want to start afresh, start with other general guides and keep this one for the final revision.

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GRE Powerprep 2.0

GRE Book

The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test

This book’s early release, coupled with the fact that it is published by the test-makers themselves, certainly gave it an edge over the other books. As the book never mistakes to advertise, you’ll indeed expect expert advice on the revised version of the test from this book. As long as that is what you want, this book would not disappoint you. You will get detailed illustrations of the changes to the test and a few strategies to score better, which may help you to be confident that this huge revision won’t confuse you at the time of the test. That said, after you have proper understanding of what is new to the test, you may wish to have more practice sets than the book offers. Though there are a number of authentic sample GRE questions and answers, you get only two complete tests in the book and the accompanying CD, and those may seem mediocre to most students, and even worse, the reviews don’t explain the answers well enough, so you’ll have to go back to the lessons or other sample questions. But the different sections of the test are discussed in details, with sample responses and comments in the Analytical Writing section, which are rated by the actual test-takers. All in all, it is definitely a valuable resource for GRE study, but should be complemented by some other resources as well.

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Barrons' How to Prepare for the GRE

GRE Book - 4

Cliffs Notes Math Review for Standardized Tests, 2nd Edition

This is probably one book that would stand out in the list of similar books available. It is not designed specifically for the revised GRE test, but the amount of valuable resources it contains makes it an obvious choice to students willing to take their math skills to the next level. As the name of the book suggests, it reviews mathematical problems that are common to most standardized tests, but this book stands well above the level of other books intended for GRE in particular. As it is seen that students often expect better scores in the quantitative section of the GRE test, it is probably a good idea to start with this book which is already famed to increase students’ math skills successfully within a short period of time. The speciality of this book is that it is a good choice for students of any standard. It covers everything starting from the basics, and also provides a diagnostic test to help experienced readers to skip to the topics they need to review. Moreover, it contains a fairly large number of question sets that you can review, test and re-review easily and quickly.

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GRE Prep Course by Jeff Kolby

GRE Book - 5

GRE Prep Course by Jeff Kolby
- (Book with CD $29.95)

GRE Prep Course presents a thorough analysis of the GRE, with twenty-two chapters covering all the math properties you need, powerful diagramming techniques to solve logic games, besides learning tactics to solve the verbal section of the GRE.

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ARCO's Master the GRE Cat 2005

GRE Book - 6

Arco's Master the GRE Cat 2005 - (Book with CD $29.95)

The book contains 6 full length practice tests, while also offering various tips and test-taking strategies. The CD-ROM that accompanies the book contains interactive, computer-adaptive simulated tests.

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GRE Test for Dummies 5th Edition

GRE Book - 7

GRE Test for Dummies 5th Edition - (Book $16.99)

The GRE for Dummies is packed with useful information and strategies to help you prepare for the test. It contains review chapters for all three sections of the exam, and two complete practice exams.

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Crash Course for the GRE

GRE Book - 8

Crash Course for the GRE - (Princeton Review Series) - (Book $9.95)

'Crash Course for the GRE' contains about a 100 practice questions with detailed answer explanations, as well as strategies to help you ace the GRE. This book is designed for students looking for a quick and easy way to improve their scores on the GRE.

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GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test

GRE Book - 9

GRE: Practicing to Take the General Test by ETS - (Book $21)

This book by ETS contains questions and topics from actual tests administered worldwide. It contains verbal and quantitative questions from seven actual GRE General Tests and sample analytical writing topics from the complete pool of topics for the analytical writing measure. It includes information about the structure of the test, answering procedures, explanations of correct answers for verbal and quantitative questions, sample writing responses with scores, scoring information, a math review, and test-taking strategies.

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Princeton Review GRE Verbal Workout

GRE Book - 10

GRE Verbal Workout (Princeton Review) - (Book $16)

The Princeton Review GRE Verbal Workout includes more than 300 sample questions, with techniques for acing the analogy, reading comprehension, antonym, and sentence completion sections of the test. It also contains a computer generated list of the 300 words that most frequently appear on the GRE.

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