When you prepare for any entrance exam you face the obvious confusion of how to go about it. There are so many options available now-a-days that it gets difficult to judge which one is the best. Furthermore since you are just out of school you are absolutely fresh to the idea of entrance exams and are likely to get mislead. Therefore it is very important for you to make a thorough research and judge which GRE preparation medium is best for you.

Before you go material hunting, it is required that you have complete information about the test itself: if you don't know what you have to prepare for, you shall not be able to judge a good source from a bad one! Log on to the official website and read all that is mentioned about the exam pattern and syllabus. It is advisable here to download the free copy of PowerPrep, a software which has instructions and practice tests. This software is available on the ETS website and it will give you a fair idea of what the test is like. Depending on that you can choose your source of study.

The traditional source of preparation is the books for GRE. Well established publishers print some very good books which have shown praiseworthy results. But the number of such test books can not be counted on fingertips. There will be a wide variety from which you have to make your choice. For this you must know what qualifies for a good test book. A good  book will be the one which covers all the required topics of English language, grammar and vocabulary, concepts of arithmetic, algebra and geometry and Analytical writing skills in detail. Check the table of contents of the book to make sure that all the topics are discussed in the book separately. Each of these should be explained in detail, merely stating the facts would not serve the purpose since you are likely to have been out of touch with the basics of English and math for a long time. While scanning a book browse through some topics and see if they are explained in detail. You will get a better idea if you read through some topics which are not so important. If those are explained well then the important ones will surely be so as well. Look for topics that are not mentioned in other books so you get a better idea of what the book is worth. At the same time you must look for topics which you are not good at. Since you are buying a book for your own use you must see that it is best suited to your needs and teaches you what you don't know. Also you must keep in mind the language and style of writing in the book. Use of difficult words and confusing statements serve no purpose, you shall spend most of your time looking for the meanings in the dictionary this way. The language should be simple and unambiguous.

The next point of consideration is the practice questions. There should be practice questions for each topic, and not a just few for the heck of it but plenty for proper practice. There should be practice questions pertaining to each topic separately as well as to all the topics collectively. In fact if questions are mentioned separately according to the three levels of difficulty, then it is a great help for practicing. You can start with the easy questions of the book and then advance to the more difficult ones. When you go from easy to difficult gradually your clarity of concepts increases and so does your confidence. This makes your preparation systematic and your confidence is not shattered by repeatedly getting wrong answers. Now merely solving the questions is pointless if you don't know whether the answers are correct or not. Though trivial, you must check that the answer keys to the questions are there, even the practice questions. Many a times there are misprints and some answers keys are missing in these books.

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