GRE BOOK Continued...

Apart from the subject matter and practice questions there should be full practice tests in the book for GRE. The full practice should be according to the latest paper pattern. You should be aware of the pattern and the time constraints so when you go to buy the book you can check the practice tests for these two points. A large number of test takers are now opting for the computer adaptive tests. Hence they need a practice of the computer adaptive format of the test; they do not benefit from the paper format practice tests. For this there are CDs available with most of these test books. These CDs generally contain two to three practice tests and explanations of answers. At the end of each test your score is also displayed, so you can keep a track of your performance. In addition to the practice tests these CDs also contain general instructions for how to study and take the test.

Besides all the above aspects  you must even check the qualitative aspects. The book should be of a good material, well bound so you can use it for long, even if you have to retake the test. Any test book is sure to wear and tear with use, but it should last three to four months. You sure don't want a book that is in shreds even before the exam is over.

At times you get two books for the test which in combination serve the purpose; there is no harm in buying both. Your final aim is to score high in the test, no matter how many sources you refer to, provided you can make optimum use of each. But more than two books will surely get confusing. You will keep juggling them for different topics and finally you might not be able to even go through one properly. Sometimes you friends will suggest you to buy the book they are studying, justifying their decision over yours. Avoid such a situation and keep faith in the books that you have.

Here it is vital to mention about the GRE Big Book. It is a book released by ETS. It contains 27 tests which were administered for the real test. This book is a good source of practice, especially for the verbal section and the quantitative sections of the test. This book is now out of print, it is not available in book stores. You will have to look for some one who has the Big Book and wants to sell it; check out the buy-sell websites like and for this.

There are some well recommended test books available in the market. Kaplan's GRE book is one highly recommended one which comes along with a CD containing 3 practice tests complete with explanations and scores. Also the CD has some test taking strategies. Princeton Review- Cracking the GRE contains ample questions for practice and 4 full length tests in a CD. This book also mentions some tricks to handle the test questions to raise your scores. The GRE test for Dummies is another such book which contains two full length practice tests and claims to have tricks which will help you increase your score. GRE-Practicing to take the General Test is a book released by ETS. It contains questions that have been picked from seven real tests of GRE, besides complete information about various topics. It also contains some sample essays from the analytical writing section of the test. Crash Course for the GRE by Princeton Review is a book which one can use for last minute preparation. It claims to have 10 strategies which promise a high score, besides 100 practice questions.

Apart from these books there are a lot of soft copies of test books which you can download for free if you get the link. There are some test books which deal with only a part of the test. There are some which explain the math section while others which just contain vocabulary. Some books have a set of instructions along with detachable flash cards to assist learning. Scan the market for what book you want to buy for GRE and make your choice thoughtfully. Remember that no matter what book you pick, none is better than you. It depends on you how much you can learn from a book. If you go through all the contents and practice well then you can profit from even a cheap book, else even a costly highly recommended book just becomes a piece of junk. So think hard, make the right choice, slog, be confident and crack the GRE!

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