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GRE Antonyms Sample Questions

GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 1 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 2 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 3 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 4 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 5 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 6 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 7



Answer: B
Answer Explanation: The word ANOMALY means a thing or a situation which is different from normal. Therefore, the word opposite in meaning should mean something that is normal. Option B is the best answer as the word NORM refers to the same. Option D can be taken as a synonym, because ABNORMALITY is also an unusual behaviour. The options A, C and E refer to completely different words. These words bear no relation with the main word; they are also not the opposite in meaning of the main word. Thus, we reject all these options.


Answer: B
Answer Explanation: INTRINSIC means belonging to a part of the real nature of something. Thus, BASIC is similar in meaning. STRONG is used to refer to power and influence. It does not thus have a similar meaning or the opposite meaning than the given word. Similarly, CORNER also refers to a part where two parts or lines of something join. Thus, it may be away from the basic or real thing, but it still does not represent the opposite effectively. Out of PERIPHERAL and FURTHERMOST, FURTHERMOST means located at the greatest distance from something. On the other hand, PERIPHERAL may also refer to the outer edge of something; this word also refers to something that is not as important as the main thing. Thus, option B is the best answer.


Answer: A
Answer Explanation: The best answer is A. The word ABET means to encourage somebody especially to do something wrong. B can be taken as a synonym of the word since ASSIST also means to help or to encourage. SUBMIT is clearly wrong since the word does not represent an opposite meaning of �help� or �encourage�. Similarly APPLAUD means to show approval by clapping. Thus, it is not a suitable antonym of the given word. The word opposite in meaning should be one that means �oppose� or �prevent�. Thus, the word HINDER is the most suitable answer.

GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences


Answer: C
Answer Explanation: ELUCIDATE means to make something clear by explaining it more fully. It is evident that A is not the answer because EXPLAIN also has a similar meaning. The words SOFTEN and HARDEN are opposites of each other but are not related to the main word. Thus, these options are rejected. LIQUIDATE comes from the main words �liquid�. This word is used to show closing of business, to pay a debt or sell something in order to get money. Thus, it is not related to the main word in any manner. Thus, OBSCURE comes out as the most probable and obvious answer. This word is used to denote making something difficult to see. Thus, it can be taken as a synonym of unknown and an antonym of elucidate.


Answer: A
Answer Explanation: SOMBER means dull or sad. It also means dark in colour. Generally, it is used to show the mood and nature of someone or something. BLEAK can thus be taken as similar in meaning since this also means something that is cold and unpleasant. The word MERCIFUL refers to kindness. Thus, it is not a suitable antonym. SOBER refers to the nature that is plain, serious and sensible. Thus, it is not an antonym and we reject it. Out of CHEERFUL and SMART, the word SMART is used to represent an intelligent neat and attractive nature. CHEERFUL represents a nature that is happy. Both these options look like a probable answer option. However, CHEERFUL is more suitable since it is closer to the opposite of �dull�. Thus CHEERFUL is the correct answer.

GRE Antonyms Sample Questions

GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 1 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 2 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 3 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 4 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 5 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 6 | GRE Antonyms Sample Questions 7


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