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Taking the GRE General Test is not at all a cheap task for test-takers. The fee for the test is high and equally high is the amount that is spent on preparing for the test. Whether it is a preparation course offered by some tutorial center, or the preparation materials available in the market, the test-takers have to drain their pockets in order to be able to utilize them. At times, even to take mock GRE tests, test-takers have to shed some extra amount of money! It is not possible for all test-takers to access all the available sources for GRE preparation due to the varying financial conditions. In such cases, it becomes necessary to get access to free GRE materials and sample papers which are easily available online. But care should be taken in selecting the free GRE materials as they can be inappropriate or outdated. One should look for an authentic source for free GRE materials and sample tests.

There are a lot of free GRE test materials and practice papers that can be found on the internet. One can easily download them, or use them online only and take advantage of them without spending hefty amounts of money.

Free GRE Sample Tests

After having prepared for GRE completely, it becomes important to practice for the test on the lines of the actual test format. The best way to do that is by taking free GRE sample or mock tests. The test-takers, who go in for GRE preparation tutorials, at tutorial centers or online, are given the added advantage of such tests at the end of the preparation courses. Still, it becomes important to use the time at hand and practice as much as possible using free GRE materials and tests. Sample tests for free GRE test practice are available at the link-

Free GRE Materials for Verbal Reasoning Section

The Verbal Reasoning section might seem simple and easy to handle from the surface, but requires a great amount of practice as one should have a keen eye to be able to find the correct answers from the passages and options. This 'keen eye' can be developed by practicing a lot and being fully aware of the types of questions that are there in this section. There are ample free GRE test materials and sample tests available online that can be used by the test-takers to prepare for this section.

The following types of free GRE materials can be found for the Verbal Reasoning section of GRE General Test:

Free GRE Practice for Quantitative Reasoning Section

The Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE General Test is considered to be very important as the scores in this section are the basic requisites for admission into many graduate courses. Even though the test is based on high school syllabus, the approach to it is different in GRE. The stress here is not on the method by which the correct answer to the questions is derived, but complete focus is on providing the correct answer. Thus, the test-takers are required to practice aptly for it with free GRE materials and test papers so that they can manage the time constraints and supply correct answers easily. Free GRE test and sample papers can come to the aid of test-takers in this regard as they offer enough practice to manage these issues in the final test.

There are following types of questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section of GRE General Test-

  • Numeric Entry Questions for Free GRE Practice
  • The numeric entry questions contain quantitative questions that require the test-takers to fill the answers in the blanks that are in the form of fractions or decimals. The test-taker should be able to supply the correct answer for the question and put it correctly in the blanks provided. Free GRE practice materials and tests can help in dealing with these questions in the final test.

    The free GRE practice questions for numeric entry questions can be found on these links-

  • Quantitative Comparison Questions for Free GRE Practice
  • The quantitative comparison questions in GRE General Test, are based on the test-takers' ability to understand the comparative relationship between two quantities. The test-takers are required to choose the option, from among the listed four options in the question, which best describes the relationship between the quantities given in the question.

    One can practice for these questions using the free GRE sample tests on these links-

  • Free GRE Practice for Quantitative Multiple Choice Questions
  • The Quantitative Reasoning section in the GRE General Test also contains multiple choice questions for which correct answer option or options have to be picked out from those listed under the question. There is no requirement to give the method by which the answer has been derived; only the correct answer option has to be given as the answer. Practice to come up with the answers to the questions easily can be done with free GRE materials and test papers. There are two types of questions that come under multiple choice questions-

Free GRE Materials for Analytical Writing Section

The Analytical Writing section of GRE General Test can be the most surprising of all since there is a wide range of topics that can be put as questions in this section. The test-takers are required to pick up one topic everyday from free GRE materials and practice writing on them, as they prepare for the GRE General Test. There are two types of questions that come under this section of the test; Analytical writing and critical essay. The test-takers are required to write their own views on the given topics and justify their opinions by giving logical explanations for them. |Free GRE materials and guidance is available for this section of GRE at the links given below-

It is known to all those who prepare for GRE that practice is the key to achieve the perfect GRE scores. Thus, there can be no better way to prepare and practice for GRE, than using these free GRE practice tests that make one well aware of the actual test pattern along with providing ample amount of practice.