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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 5

Question 1

There is merit then, in the suggestion that Europeans saw air flight as a threat to the established social order. If people could fly, what would become of state sovereignty? The socially structured Europe couldn’t bear this thought. It took a couple of American boys, living in an unstructured frontier society, to shed an unyielding philosophy that blocked a technological leap and they introduced powered flight to the world. That kind of missed opportunity could still occur today in an increasingly global economy. The decision to introduce an invention involves a lot of work on many dimensions, including an examination of the market’s belief system. In the US, for example, the acceptance of genetically modified foods is much greater than it is in the European Union. Innovators as well as users of technology often ignore or even deny the technology-metaphysics link. While the art of marketing does make some room for customers’ abstract conceptions, the art of engineering does not. It is generally assumed that the application of science to real-life needs is driven by tangible forces or, at best, by social structures and processes. But the history of technology, early and modern, tells a different story, which holds important lessons for the future.

Choose the correct answer

The information provided in the passage makes it apparent that

  1. Americans lived in a society that was better organized than the European society
  2. the philosophy of consumers is not related to the success of any inventions
  3. technology and philosophy are not concomitant
  4. the social structure in America was not as organized as that in Europe
  5. technological inventions cannot be determined by social structures

Correct Answer: D.


It has been stated that the decision to introduce an invention involves a lot of work including a study of the consumers’ or market’s belief. This makes it amply clear that technology and philosophy is related and that the consumer’s beliefs are related to the success of an invention. This implies that both B and C are incorrect. The entire passage deals with the issue of how social structures and consumers’ philosophy affects technological inventions and therefore E is also incorrect. The passage starts on the note that Europe was socially structured whereas the American boys being referred to were living in an unstructured society. This implies that A is incorrect and D is the correct answer.

Question 2

The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in late December of that year. A decade of close political and military cooperation followed, as Pakistan became the frontline state against this audacious intervention. However, no sooner had Moscow withdrawn from Afghanistan, then the rules changed again, and the stringent sanctions of the Pressler Law were imposed on Pakistan. With additional sanctions imposed in 1998 over its nuclear tests, and in 1999 over the military take-over, Pakistan became the “most sanctioned” state. Just as the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan had made Pakistan an indispensable frontline ally in 1979, the terrorist attacks on the US in September 2001 have turned it into a “major non-NATO ally” in the war against terror. Given the overall reservations in the West about Pakistan’s nuclear program, some policy-makers would have favored availing the terrorist outrage for pre-emptive attacks against the sole Islamic country having nuclear weapons. But with Al-Qaeda located in Afghanistan, under the protection of the extremist Muslim Taliban regime, the priority for the US was to neutralize the source of organized terrorism. Once the military government in Pakistan joined the US as an ally in the war against terrorism, its steadfastness and determination in extending the maximum support could not fail to earn high praise. No less important was the role President Musharraf took upon himself to fight religious extremism within the country, and to create a model of moderation and tolerance within the Islamic world.

Choose the correct answer

Pakistan’s role in the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union was

  1. to support the Soviet Union
  2. to support the intrusion
  3. that of an ally for the US
  4. that of the frontline state which was the most affected by the intervention
  5. to oppose the intervention

Correct Answer: C and E.


It has been brought out that the Soviet withdrew from Afghanistan after a decade during which Pakistan was the frontline state against the intervention and it provided close political and military cooperation. As Pakistan was the “frontline state against this audacious intervention”, it is evident that it did not support the Soviet Union in its act of intervention. Therefore, A and B are clearly incorrect. D is factually incorrect. Therefore, C and E are the correct answers as they clearly elucidate the role of Pakistan during this period.

Question 3

The scientists and (1) ------------- were tortured. This was the (2) -------- of Copernicus, Galileo, Bruno and others. But, by and by science (3) -----------.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. medical practitioners
  2. orthodox people
  3. free thinkers
  1. deed
  2. fate
  3. desire
  1. gained ground
  2. regained audience
  3. acquired rationality

Correct Answer: Free thinkers, fate and gained ground


The first glimpse of the passage reveals to us that it concerns the rise of scientific thought in the society. The first blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can add to the list of people who were tortured. Among the options, ‘medical practitioners’ can be taken as a part of the word ‘scientists’ only, so we reject it. The other option ‘orthodox people’ does not refer to science and rationality. The only suitable option is therefore, ‘free thinkers’.
The second blank in the passage is in relation to the details conveyed in the first sentence. We are given the list of the scientists who were tortured for their scientific activities. The proper word (among the listed options) for what they went through would be ‘fate’, as the other two options are unsuitable to be used for torture.
The last option in the passage should tell about the gradual development faced by science and rationality. The option ‘regained audience’ is wrong as we are talking about the initial entry of science in the human existence. The other option ‘acquired rationality’ is also rejected as science itself is synonymous to rationality so it cannot acquire it by any means. The only possible option given to us is ‘gained ground’.

Question 4

The average of the marks obtained by 30 students of a class is 50. If the score of one student is removed, the average reduces by 1.

Column A Column B
Average score of the remaining students The score that was removed
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: B


Average = Total marks/number of students
Total marks = Average*number of students
= 50*30 = 1500

New average = 50-1=49
Number of students = 30-1=29
Total marks = 49*29
= 1421
Marks of the student = 1500-1421
= 79
The score that was removed = 79
Average score of the remaining students = 49
Option B is correct.

Question 5

If f(x) = (x-3)/(x-1), then find the value of [x - f{f(x)}]

Correct Answer: 0


[x - f{f(x)}] = x - f{(x-3)/(x-1)}
= x - [{(x-3)/(x-1)-3}/{(x-3)/(x-1)-1}]
= x - {(x-3-3x+3)/(x-1)}/{(x-3-x+1)/(x-1)}
= x - (-2x)/(x-1)*(x-1)/(-2)
= x - x = 0

Question 6

The price of commodity A is $5800 and it decreases at the rate of $2 per three months. Commodity B costs $4200 and it increases at the rate of $8 per four months. How many years will it take for the two commodities to become equal in price? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 4.5
  2. 3.8
  3. 20
  4. 60
  5. 50

Correct Answer: E


Price reduction of A in one year = 4*2 = 8
Price increase of B after one year = 3*8 = 24
Let the prices of the two commodities be the same after x years
Hence, it shall take 50 years.
Option E is correct.

Question 7

The average of 10 numbers is 7. Which of the following statements is true? Indicate all true statements.

  1. The average increases by 1 if each number increases by 1
  2. The average becomes 3 times, if each number becomes three times
  3. If the sum of the numbers increases by 7, the average increases by 1
  4. If seven numbers increase by 3 each and three numbers decrease by 7 each, the average remains the same
  5. The sum of the numbers is 70

Correct Answer: A, B, D and E


Average = 7 and number of observations = 10
Sum of observations = Average* number of observations
= 7*10=70
Option E is true.

If each number increases by 1, then the sum increases by 70+10=80
Average = 80/10=8
Average increases by 1
Option A is true.

If each number becomes three times, the sum also becomes three times.
Average = 3*70/10=3*7=21
Option B is true.

If the sum increases by 7, it becomes 70+7=77
Average = 77/10=7.7
Option C is false.

If 7 numbers increase by 3 and 3 decrease by 7, then sum = 70+7*3-3*7 = 70+21-21=70
Average = 70/10=7
Option D is true.

Question 8

Peter told us how pilots were encouraged to take up pheasant shooting, because it developed a killer instinct and trained them to fire in front of the fast moving target rather than directly at it. He explained that back then there was no such concept as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome; the young pilots had to get on and do their job, no matter what the cost. He exemplified this by telling us about a rookie pilot flying with the squadron. He was bounced by an enemy fighter and the tail of his plane was shot up, but he escaped with his life, and landed back at RAF Homchurch where he told his superior officer the story of his lucky escape, but instead of showing him sympathy the officer dressed him down for bringing a perfectly good Spitfire back in a damaged state. If pilots were allowed to dwell on the dangers they encountered, they would crack up and probably never fly again.

Which sentence, reiterates the fact that Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome was nonexistent?

The correct answer is D. (He was bounced by … damaged state)


Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is first brought out in the second sentence. The correct answer would be the one that refers to the instance or the sentence where this fact is reiterated or repeated. Therefore, B is not the correct answer and the correct answer would have to be either the third, fourth or the fifth sentence. The fourth and the fifth sentence refer to the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. However, the fourth sentence gives a more explicit illustration of the fact that this Syndrome was nonexistent and therefore, D is the correct answer.

Question 9

There is a ------------ relation between environment and population, where one affects other and vice versa.

  1. Differing
  2. Correlating
  3. Reciprocating
  4. Unharmonious
  5. Dovetail

Correct Answer: B, C and E


The sentence describes the type of relationship shared by environment and population. The latter half of the sentence describes it as one in which each affects the other. Based on this description, the first option, ‘Differing’ is not appropriate, but the second and third, ‘Correlating’ and Reciprocating’ suit perfectly. The fourth option, ‘Unharmonious’ is also contradictory to the conveyed meaning, but the last option, ‘Dovetail’ can be termed as a correct option.

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