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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 3

Question 1

What differentiates a winning company from an also-ran? For many analysts and investors, the answer involves technology, which increasingly permeates every step of a business’s operations. But a company’s ability to understand its customers’ philosophical outlook may be as vital to its success as R&D and other efforts. Technology is no longer an exclusive focus of companies like IBM or Microsoft, instead, technology is also on its way to becoming the core-asset of consumer goods companies like Wal-Mart and, in fact, of any company. But this brings us to a metaphysical question: What is the meaning of technology? For example, a personal computer can be regarded as a communication tool by a business executive, as an educational tool by a teacher and as a toy by a child. Different meanings to a given technology can co-exist, or replace one another sequentially. As more companies operate in a global environment, they will need to do more than simply ask whether the technological state-of-the art enables the development of a given product. They will instead have to consider what technology means to each segment of the market and accordingly, how to position the technology-based product. Although it’s a given fact that technological assets can determine the progress of an individual, a company or even a nation, the decision to embrace or to reject technology is itself deeply affected by abstract ideas that are embedded in an individual’s (or a nation’s) general life philosophy.

Choose the correct answer

The crux of the issue being discussed by the passage is best described by which of the following?

  1. The meaning of technology
  2. Technology and philosophy
  3. Role of technology in the success of a company
  4. The philosophy of the use of technology
  5. Technology used in developing a product

Correct Answer: D.


The passage starts on the note that a company’s success depends upon how well it is able to understand its customers’ philosophical outlook. The passage deals with the importance of understanding philosophy and it finally ends on the note that companies need to understand how technology is interpreted by each section of the market or each type of consumer and then they need to decide how to market their technology-based product. This implies that the entire passage is dealing with the main issue of how technology needs to be interpreted in terms of the philosophy for using it. Out of all the given answer options, B and D highlight this issue. However, on comparing these two options it can be seen that D is the correct answer as it gives a better description of the crux of the issue being discussed in the passage.

Question 2

The cold war rivalry was at its height, with the Soviet Union using its ideology, supposedly based on socialism, to attract the countries in Asia and Africa that were gaining independence. There was intense competition in the military field, and when the Soviet Union won the race for launching a satellite, the “Sputnik,” in 1957, it appeared that Moscow had overtaken the US. Within a year, the US also launched a satellite of its own. At this stage of the cold war, maintaining surveillance over parts of the Soviet Union that were closer to South Asia, notably the space launching facilities in Kazakhstan, became quite important. The base provided by Pakistan to the US near Peshawar at Badaber became crucial for keeping track of Soviet advances. When an American U-2 spy plane that had taken off from this base was shot down over Central Asia in the summer of 1960, the Soviet Union not only protested to Washington, but Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev threatened to use missiles against the base in Pakistan if such flights continued. This US-Soviet confrontation was also reflected in the US-Pakistan alliance on the one hand, and a growing Indo-Soviet strategic convergence on the other. The election of John F. Kennedy to the White House brought about a shift, as the young president was an Indophile, who attached importance to cultivating closer relations with India. The course of events in the region also brought India and the US closer, as the boundary dispute between India and China became heated up, with India seeking to capitalize on China’s tense relations with both the superpowers.

Choose the correct answer

Which of the following have been used to indicate that US and the Soviet Union were rivals?

  1. “the boundary dispute between India and China”
  2. “The base provided by Pakistan to the US near Peshawar”
  3. “launching a satellite”
  4. “maintaining surveillance over parts of the Soviet Union”
  5. “The election of John F. Kennedy”

Correct Answer: B, C and D.


The boundary dispute between India and China has been discussed to illustrate how India and the US came closer because they were now having issues with a common rival. This fact has not been used to indicate that the US and the Soviet Union were rivals and therefore, A is incorrect. The election of John F. Kennedy has also be highlighted to bring out that he was instrumental in bringing the US and India closer and therefore, E is also incorrect as it does not indicate any rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union. All the three remaining options refer to evidence that has been provided in support of the claim that the US and the Soviet Union were rivals and therefore, B, C and D are the correct answers.

Question 3

Laughter is the best medicine. If you can (1) ----------- when you are ill you will get your health back (2) -----------. If you cannot laugh, even if you are healthy, sooner or later you will (3) -------- your health and you will become ill.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. laugh
  2. play
  3. dance
  1. sooner
  2. earlier
  3. frequently
  1. gain
  2. collide
  3. lose

Correct Answer: Laugh, Sooner and lose


The first blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that expresses an activity which can help one gain health. Among the options given, ‘play’ and ‘dance’ are the activities that are a result of one’s being healthy. They can impart to one’s good health, but to perform them also one needs to be healthy. Whereas, ‘laugh’ is the activity which can be performed even when one is not doing well. It has also been known to impart to the good state of health.
The second blank in the sentence has to be completed with a word that can express the time in which one can regain health. The options given to us, point in this direction only. However, we are required to choose the most suitable expression among the options. ‘Earlier’ cannot be used as it is a word used while comparing time and ‘frequently’ is also unsuitable to the meaning conveyed by the sentence. The most suited option here is ‘sooner’ which is the correct answer.
The third blank in the sentence has to be completed by a suitable verb that can convey the desired meaning of the sentence. We must analyze the meaning conveyed by the first sentence and what is revealed by the given part of the second sentence to be able to properly fill this blank. While the first sentence tells about the effects of laughing, the second one tells about the effects of not laughing. Thus, it states an opposing situation. The correct answer therefore, should be a verb that is opposite in meaning to the verb ‘get’ in the first sentence. The option ‘gain’ is hence rejected. The other option ‘collide’ is not suitable to the context so we reject it. the correct answer is therefore, ‘lose’.

Question 4

Column A Column B
Number of ways in which one person can be selected from a group of 10 Number of ways in which two persons can be chosen from a group of 20
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: B


One person can be selected from a group of 10 in C(10,1) ways
C(10,1)=10!/[1!9!] =10
Two persons can be selected from a group of 20 in C(20,2) ways
Option B is correct.

Question 5

Find 360% of 360.

Correct Answer: 1296


360% of 360 = 360/100*360
= 1296

Question 6

If a/b = 1/5 which of the following is equal to (3a+2b)/(3a-2b)? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 13/5
  2. 91/25
  3. -91/25
  4. -13/7
  5. 7/5

Correct Answer: D


(3a+2b)/(3a-2b) = (3a/b+2)/(3a/b-2)
= (3*1/5+2)/(3*1/5-2)
= (3/5+2)/(3/5-2)
= (3+10)/5/(3-10)/5
= 13/-7
Option D is true.

Question 7

What are the remainders when 8^6+6 is divided by 7 and 8? Indicate all correct options.

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
  5. 6

Correct Answer: A and E


8 divided by 7 leaves remainder 1
82 divided by 7 leaves remainder 1
and so on...86 divided by 7 leaves remainder 1.
86+6 divided by 7 leaves remainder 1+6=7, which is again divisible by 7
Hence, remainder is 0.

8 divided by 8 leaves remainder 0
82 divided by 8 leaves remainder 0
and so on...86 divided by 8 leaves remainder 0.
86+6 divided by 8 leaves remainder 0+6=6.
Hence, remainder is 6.
Options A and E are true.

Question 8

While the men in the schiltron stayed shoulder to shoulder, the enemy couldn’t get anywhere near. Only with archers did they stand any chance of causing serious damage, and at Bannockburn, the English archers were routed fairly early on in the battle. The English knights knew their only chance was to break the Scottish formation. So, they tried to draw individuals into single combat. Sergeants desperately shouted at the spearmen to close the formation and restore control, and so the schiltron continued to advance, eventually driving the English from the field.

Which sentence asserts that the English faced defeat primarily because of the discipline of the Scots?

The correct answer is E. (Sergeants desperately shouted … field)


It is evident from the passage that the English and the Scots were fighting against each other and it was the Scots who won the battle. It is hinted that the Scots were fighting in a formation called the schiltron in which they were shoulder to shoulder. The English tried to draw them away from their formation by inciting them into single combat, but it was the orders given by the sergeants that prevented the Scots from breaking their formation and they were able to drive the English away. Therefore, it is evident that the discipline of the Scots which helped them win the battle has been clearly elucidated in the last sentence of the passage and therefore, E is the correct answer.

Question 9

The judicial system of India went through ----------- reforms during the years of British rule.

  1. Vehement
  2. Nonaggressive
  3. Facile
  4. Drastic
  5. Trivial

Correct Answer: A and D


The blank is this sentence has to be filled using an adjective that can describe the nature of reforms that occurred in the judicial system of India during the British rule. The options given provide a hint to the type of reforms that are being discussed in the sentence. The first option, ‘Vehement’ refers to the exorbitant and aggressive reforms that were introduced in that time, thus is a correct answer. The second, third and fifth options are opposite to this meaning, so are wrong; and the fourth option, ‘Drastic’ is again a correct answer as it complements the overall meaning of the sentence.

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