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Free GRE Full Length CBT Test 2

Question 1

According to Cappelli, Fortune magazine editor William H. Whyte put the phrase “Organization Man” on the map when he wrote a book by that title in 1956, posing what was then viewed as a novel question: “Why would executives ever leave their firms?” Further studies answered that question: In the Organization Man era, executives only left the fold if a company didn’t deliver on its promise of upward mobility. In a recent interview, Cappelli acknowledges that he is still unsure what to call this new corporate executive model. But he is definitely convinced of two things. First, the new model “is here to stay, through the conceivable future.” Cappelli points out that the more conservative, larger Fortune 100 companies are “most likely to be able to retain the traditional model of organizational careers.” And if these august, institutional business models have experienced change over the last 20 years - as they have, according to this research - then the changes can be assumed to be extremely wide-spread. And even though 45% of executives in 2001 are still classified as “lifers” - those who spend their entire careers in one company - the percentage is down from 54% in 1980. Also, the number of “lifers” in young companies (those existing for 30 years and less) is only 17%. Second, the new model clearly underscores that “different skills are being rewarded and that a new type of executive will benefit from this trend,” says Cappelli. “The businessman in the gray flannel suit - the person who was nameless and had no independent profile but who fit into the organization, clearly suffers in this model. People who can promote themselves clearly win. It’s tempting to say that people with more merit get ahead now, although I’m not exactly sure that this is true because it’s hard to judge real merit. But the people who appear to have merit clearly have the advantage in this model.”

Choose the correct answer

The people who are most likely to benefit from the new model being discussed will be those who

  1. do not have an independent profile
  2. spend their entire lives in one company
  3. do not have professional competence but know how to promote themselves
  4. try to fit into the needs of the organization and change themselves accordingly
  5. know how to make themselves stand out among everyone else

Correct Answer: E


The end of the passage clearly brings out the type of executives who are likely to use the new model to their advantage and benefit from it. It has been stated that “people who can promote themselves clearly win”. This implies that the people who are aware of the ways and means to project their skills and talents will be able to taste success in this model. Option E refers to this type of people. C also refers to this type of people, but it is not mentioned anywhere in the passage that such people will be professionally incompetent; rather it has been brought out that people who have merit are the ones who will have the advantage in this model. All the other options refer to people who do not belong to the new executive model and therefore, will not be able to benefit from this model. In view of the above, it is evident that E is the correct answer.

Question 2

The cultural nationalism it talks about does not transcend the country’s long tradition of pluralism. The Indian culture is not synonymous with Hinduism. The BJP should realize this. The RSS is convinced that polarizing the electorate on Hindu-Muslim lines has given it electoral advantage. This was surely one of the central lessons it derived from the 1991 parliamentary polls in which the BIP was the beneficiary of the violence it had instigated over the Ram Janambhoomi movement the year before. The BJP was elected to power for the first time in the crucial state of Uttar Pradesh. What it tells is that the BJP has contaminated most of the Hindu middle class in India and abroad. The common man still remains largely free of the poison it has injected. Results of the recent elections should have made the RSS wiser. The BJP may lose the ground still further and become a rump of a party if it does not realize that India can never be a Hindu nation. A couple of remarks that Vajpayee made to analyze the reasons for the BJP’s debacle indicate that the party does not want to face the truth. Vajpayee still tried to save Narendra Modi, who the voters have seen as a symptom of the disease of parochialism. The party cannot ride back to power on the back of Modi. Vajpayee would have retrieved part of his soiled reputation by not accepting the party’s chairmanship. This would have been a protest of sorts, probably his catharsis for not having taken any action against Modi.

Choose the correct answer

“The BJP should realize this” is referring to which of the following?

  1. The country’s pluralism does not include Hinduism
  2. Cultural diversity has been in the country for so long that it cannot be overridden by a national culture
  3. Cultural nationalism does not oppose the pluralism of the country
  4. It is not possible to have a single religion represent the country’s masses and culture
  5. Indian culture is not synonymous with pluralism

Correct Answer: B and D.


The opening sentences of the passage discuss the cultural status of the country. It has been brought out that the country has a long tradition of pluralism or cultural diversity and that the cultural nationalism cannot transcend or surpass this diversity. Also, it is clarified that Indian culture cannot mean Hinduism. This means that “The BJP should realize this” has been used to refer to the country’s pluralism and the fact that it cannot be surpassed by cultural nationalism. In view of the above, it is evident, that out of all the given answer options, B and D are the only options that exactly indicate what the statement in question is referring to. Hence, B and D are the correct answers.

Question 3

In earlier times when man appeared on earth he was (1) ------------ at the sight of violence of powerful aspects of nature. In certain cases, the usefulness of different natural (2) -------------- of nature overwhelmed man. Thus began the worship of (3) -------------- of nature like fire, the sun, the rivers, the rocks, the trees, the snakes, etc.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. amazed
  2. overawed
  3. intimated
  1. products
  2. animals
  3. objects
  1. pressures
  2. colors
  3. forces

Correct Answer: Overawed, objects and forces


The first blank in the passage has to be completed with a word that can explain the reaction of humans after coming in contact with the violent forces of nature. One of the reactions ‘overwhelmed’ finds a mention in the following sentences in the passage. Thus, we are required to look for another kind of reaction here. The option ‘amazed’ is included in the meaning of the word ‘overwhelmed’ so we reject it. The other option ‘intimated’ is again not an appropriate reaction with respect to nature. Therefore, ‘overawed’ is the most suitable option.
The second blank has to be completed with a word that can tell about a thing of nature that overwhelmed humans with its usefulness. The options provide us with three words that can be used for these things. The option ‘animals’ is rejected as we cannot count them as commodities. Among the other options, ‘objects’ is more suitable when we compare it with ‘products’. This is because ‘products’ is used more relevantly for the things that are manufactured artificially.
The last blank here has to be completed with a word that can bring the various objects that are mentioned in the following part of the sentence into a category. Among the various options, ‘forces’ seems to be the most suitable options here as the other two are less relevant in the context of nature.

Question 4

Consider the sequence -9, -5, -1, 3,...

Column A Column B
The 50th term 191
  1. Quantity A is greater
  2. Quantity B is greater
  3. The quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Correct Answer: B


Let the first term of the sequence be a and the common difference be d.
a= -9
d = -1-(-5) = 5-1=4
The nth term of the sequence is given by
The 50th term is 187
Option B is correct.

Question 5

A semi-circular park has a flowerbed of a certain width running along its arc on the inner side. The area of the park, including the flowerbed is 98*π sq.m and the area of the park minus the flowerbed is 72*π sq.m. Find the width of the flowerbed in meters.

Correct Answer: 2m


Area of semi-circle = π*r*r/2, where r is radius of circle.

Area of the complete park = 98*π sq.m
Outer radius of the park = sqrt(2*area/π)
= √(2*98*pi/pi)
= √(196) = 14 m
Area of the park excluding the flowerbed = 72*π sq.m
Inner radius of the park = √(2*area/π)
= √(2*72*π/π)
= √(144) = 12 m

Width of the flowerbed = Outer radius - Inner radius
= 14-12 = 2 m
[π = 22/7]
[√(2) = √ 2]

Question 6

Which is the smallest number by which 19404 should be multiplied to make it a perfect square? Indicate the correct option.

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 7
  4. 11
  5. 22

Correct Answer: D


19404 should be multiplied by 11 to make it a perfect square.
Option D is true.

Question 7

Which of the following statements is true about the number 34983? Indicate all such options.

  1. It is not a perfect square.
  2. It is divisible by 132
  3. It becomes a perfect square when it is divided by 23
  4. It becomes a perfect square when it is multiplied by 23
  5. It is divisible by 232

Correct Answer: A, B, C and D


It is not a perfect square.
It is divisible by 132
It becomes a perfect square when it is either divided or multiplied by 23.
It is not divisible by 232
Hence, A, B, C and D are true.

Question 8

But, the challenges are many. Compared to the stature our industry has in most countries including the developing Asian countries, the Indian AC&R industry still has a long, long way to go. To become a major exporter, we need, primarily, scale of manufacture. To acquire scale, we need a large domestic market, which we need to build. We have a long way to go in terms of customer education. We come across retailers using deep freezers for storing bottles as well as butter and many other products, which are not supposed to be stored in the freezers. The consumers do not use several innovative features that are available. The country also lacks standards in terms of building codes such as ceiling heights.

Which of the following sentence does not refer to any of the challenges being referred to by the first sentence, “But, the challenges are many”?

The correct answer is D. (We come across … freezers)


The challenges being referred to in the first sentence are the difficulties that will have to be overcome by the industry. These challenges would include the requirement of a scale of manufacture for which a large domestic market will have to be built. Other challenges are customer education and requirement of standards in terms of building codes. Therefore, it is evident that A, B, C and E all refer to the same challenges as referred to by the first sentence. However, D does not directly refer to a challenge of the same category. Therefore, on comparing D with the other options, it is evident that D is the correct answer.

Question 9

The past ages castles and forts had dungeons to ----------- enemies and rivals as prisoners.

  1. Liberate
  2. Release
  3. Imprison
  4. Confine
  5. Detain

Correct Answer: C, D and E


The sentence here describes the utility of the dungeons in the past ages. While the first two options, ‘Liberate’ and ‘Release’ can’t be termed as correct as they turn the meaning conveyed by the sentence upside down; the other three options, ‘Imprison’, ‘Confine’ and ‘Detain’ appropriately describe the function of the dungeons.

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