ETS GRE Book- The Ultimate Source of Preparation

As soon as one decides to take up GRE or gets registered for it, the first task that stands staring at the face is to find good preparation books and study materials. The preparation materials can be compared to guides that determine the direction in which one’s preparation goes. In a way, the performance that one gives in the test depends on the books and the study materials that have been used. With so much depending on the study materials, it becomes crucial to make a wise choice about them. One can’t simply put blind faith in any book that comes across and start preparing from it. There are many factors that should be kept in mind while choosing preparation materials, like the authenticity of the information provided, how deeply have the concepts and issues been explained, the number of practice papers and questions and most importantly, the study materials should be updated according to the changes in the test pattern and syllabus. For instance, as per the present day scenario, one should take special notice that the preparation materials have been updated according to the revised GRE pattern.

There are many preparation guides available in the market. Some of the most famous names are Kaplan, The Princeton Review, Baron and the ETS GRE book, among which this book is counted as the most reliable. The reason being primarily that the book has been designed by the creators of the test themselves. The fact that the book and the test come from the same source, assures the test takers about the authenticity and relevance of the information contained in it. Not only this, there are many more factors that enthrone the book as the best choice for the preparation.

  • While other publications are at the receiving end of the information and news about the test, this book being the official publication for GRE, is the first to be updated whenever there are changes made in the test pattern or the syllabus. The content of the book is revised every time, there is a revision in the test and its pattern. Due to the international standard and vast syllabus of the test, there are many doubts that rise in the minds of test-takers about multiple aspects of the test. This book is the ultimate source of genuine information about the test and thus, provides answers to all the doubts and apprehensions.

  • It is seen many times, that the test-takers have to consult different books for the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections of the test; not out of choice but because of the reason that a single book doesn’t provide them enough information about all the sections. The ETS GRE book is a complete guide in the sense that it carries complete information on all the sections of the test such that one doesn’t need to consult a separate guide until and unless one wants to focus more on a certain section. All the topics and concepts for the verbal and quantitative sections are well explained so that there are no confusions about them later.

  • A very important part of test preparation is practice which can be done by solving as many questions based on the test syllabus as possible. This book has a large stock of questions based on every concept and principle that forms a part of the syllabus, enabling one to practice enough for the final test. The questions are strictly designed keeping in mind the test format and therefore give a preview on this kind of questions that should be expected in the test. There are an ample number of questions provided such that one is thorough with all the theoretical concepts and principles which are a part of the test syllabus.

  • After acquiring all the needed information about the syllabus and the kind of questions that are a part of the GRE, it becomes important that one should have a preview or sample of the test in whole. For this purpose, test-takers always prefer to take practice or mock tests. This book contains two practice tests which prepare one to face the final test.

  • In addition to the information and notes on the test syllabus and the sample questions and tests, this book provides tips and strategies that can prove helpful for the test-takers while preparing for taking the test. The strategies come from expert guides and tutors who are highly experienced in the field of GRE guidance. The strategies cover all aspects and stages in which one approaches the test, therefore one can have help in handling the test process efficiently.

With all the above listed features, it is not wrong to consider the book as the ultimate source of preparation for GRE. Even though the book has such distinctive qualities, the book is not at all difficult to find. All the prominent book stores in most towns and cities sell the book. Those who want to order the book online can do it on the official website ( or other websites like, which give special discounts at times. But one should take special care while purchasing to note that the book is the latest edition, is in perfect condition and has the Powerprep Software CD with it.

Though, the book is the most famous and sought after source of GRE preparation, there are some other study materials which can be used by the test-takers. Some of these materials can be downloaded free of cost from the official website, while some other books are priced and have to be ordered after paying for them. They are, for instance- Powerprep II software, Practice book for the paper-based test (downloadable), Math review (downloadable), Math conventions (downloadable) and Score It Now-Online Writing Practice (priced). All of these are extra study materials that can be used after one has completed studying for the test and there is a need to give extra attention to a certain section; but the prime source of preparation remains to be the ETS book due to the various qualities possessed by it.