ETS GRE Continued...

ETS also offers a GRE subject test. If the college of your choice requires you to submit the subject score as well, then you can register for this also. It will give you an extra edge over other students seeking admission.

ETS has started the computer based test in most of its test centers. Hence you can take the test all year round at your own convenience! Otherwise you will have to check the dates on which the paper test is conducted.

Registering for the test is now very convenient. It allows you to register online, through mail, phone or fax. If you wish to take the test in U. S., U. S. territory or Canada then you can register online, through mail or phone. If you wish to test at the international test centers then you have an additional option of registering through fax. If your test center does not offer you the option of taking computer based test, then you can register either online or through mail only. The ETS accepts a number of credit cards for payment of registration fees. The acknowledgement of the registration will be either mailed or faxed to you. Thus registering online or on phone is very easy, convenient and quick. It gives you the option of rescheduling (on payment of a nominal fee) or canceling the test once you have registered. But you can not use the online features for applying for fee concessions, Monday testing, standby testing, arrangement for nonstandard testing accommodation and supplementary test centers. For test takers who have certified disabilities ETS provides with the facility of accommodation for taking the exam.

It sends the scores of the test to you and to four institutions of your choice. But the institutions should be approved by the ETS and for additional score reports to be sent an additional fee will be charged per report. You can request for these additional score reports through mail, fax or phone.

This ETS is open to suggestions and complaints. In case you have a complaint to make after the test has been taken you can do so within a week of taking the test by mail or by fax. The complaints will be responded to within 4-6 weeks.

It constantly carries out research work in the field of education and also to determine the success of their own programs. Predicting success in graduate education, measure of analytical writing, other measurement techniques, minority and special population issues, developing new assessment techniques, talent of students in graduate education are some topics researched on. One such research carried out lately showed that there is a close comparison between the scores and the cumulative graduation score of students. Hence the results are very valid and colleges and universities have all the more reason to depend on them for admission purposes. This should be encouragement enough for any student to prepare well for his GRE test!

The official website of ETS has detailed information about all the exams conducted by them. If you still have queries then you can contact ETS through mail, phone or fax. Also you can approach the test centers to clear your doubts

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