The Ideal Method For GRE Preparation

Things to Keep in Mind for the Best GRE Prep

Have you been thinking GRE is a tough test to crack? Read further and you will realise how easy the test preparation will be. Before we begin discussing how to go about the preparation methods, you must remember that you cannot crack this test if you did not give yourself sufficient time for preparation. Allow yourself a time period of at least 6 months to prepare. While it is important that you evaluate yourself using the practice tests to see how good you are at cracking the test without any preparation, it is equally important that you schedule a plan to prepare for the test. The most important thing you should do is that you should follow the schedule as planned sincerely.

Believe in the Best!

Your best preparation method should be in such a way that you spend enough time working out the practice questions in the books, taking up a course if you want more help from tutors on certain area and doing a practice test every now and then to evaluate your progress. You should also consider taking up online practice tests and making use of the resources available online. Prepare a schedule, prepare according to it for the first week. You will know where you are lagging and where you are overdoing. You could change the schedule a bit to accommodate the changes you want. Try your best to never skip any part of the schedule; you will thank yourself for being very sincere when you join your dream school.

Start practising from the ETS’s preparation materials. They are available when you register for the GRE test. They give you an excellent guide as to how the test will be. There are also other helpful test preparation materials available in ETS if you pay a nominal fee. Some of them include a few actual tests for you to practice. ETS offers free software – Powerprep if you register for the test. If you are located in the US, US territories, Puerto Rico or Canada, you can download the free software from their website Alternatively, if you cannot download from the internet, you can request GRE program to send them to you. If you are located outside of the above mentioned countries, the software will be sent to you. The software contains strategies to crack the GRE, tutorials, two computer based general tests, sample analytical writing topics and many more. It will serve as the best platform to begin your preparation; but do not just stop at that. Include a combination of self study, GRE classes, group study and practice tests in your plan if you want yours to be the best preparation plan.

Tactics Explained for the Varied Sections

When you prepare for GRE, do not spend time only on the quantitative reasoning or verbal reasoning section. Prepare for both the sections simultaneously. While you practice for the quantitative section, identify the shorter methods in arriving at a solution. Practise on the learnt method. Take up practice tests as much as you can. Do not restrict yourself on the number of practice tests you take.

Brush up your basics on mathematical skills before you start practising the questions for quantitative reasoning. Questions will comprise of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, numbers, figures and data analysis. The revised version of GRE test reduces the emphasis on computation with the introduction of on-screen calculator. Your skills on fundamental mathematical concepts will be assessed and nothing apart from what you have learnt in the high school will be tested. Be confident in every step of preparation, as this section will help you score the maximum in GRE.

Prepare flash cards out of the word list; start with a minimum number of words say, 20. Understand the word’s meaning, its synonyms and how a sentence could be formed with the word. Learn them in the first week. In the second week, test yourself on the last week’s word list and proceed to the next set of words. This way, you can learn the words without just memorizing them. Do not just learn the word list from the books. The ideal method of preparation for the verbal section is to look for words outside of the book. Although the revised version of this test does not have synonyms and antonyms anymore, you will still use the words in sentence equivalence and text completion sections. No one can guarantee where the words for the actual GRE tests are taken from. You have to be prepared to answer the verbal reasoning section in any case.

You cannot crack the analytical writing section without enough practice. ETS provides practice questions and a preparation material from ETS also allows for two practice tests on analytical writing section for a nominal fee. The results will be sent to you immediately. They also give you general writing improvement suggestions. There are other online resources that provide similar test practices. Work on them. Always remember that you do not have to choose complex words to prove you are good at analytical writing skills. You only have to express your thoughts clearly and to the point. The analytical section only evaluates your critical thinking capabilities and not your choice of complex words. Practice with as many questions as possible. Develop your writing skills.

Are Prep Masters the Real Masters?

Before you take up any class, check with your friends and also look for reviews online about the specific GRE preparatory course. You should not take up the class in a centre and then realise you have made a wrong selection of the centre. It will be a waste of time and money. Evaluate well before taking up the class. When you take up GRE classes from the prep masters, make sure you take up a practice test before you start the classes. This will help you evaluate how much you have learnt in the class. This will also help you and the tutors to identify the area that needs more concentration. The tutors can then assist you with a tailored class, instead of you having to attend the classes for something you are already very good at. This will give you a good platform to plan the the mode of preparation that meets most of your requirements.

The Last / First Resort?

The other choice of preparation for GRE is to prepare from the books. There are loads of good method, books are not the only option. Keep them as your additional resource. Books are the most useful resources; but you might get the best help from the tutors in GRE books available in the market. They help you prepare when you want some lone time and are not interested in studying in a group. But never prepare only from the books. Even though some books may help you with the good preparationthe classes or from the internet as well.

When you prepare for the test, the preparation technique is to plan for each section. Each section will only have limited time and if you only prepare for the type of questions in each section without preparing yourself for the time constraint, you will be in deep trouble. There will be a penalty if you do not manage to finish the section within the given time frame. Otherwise, you may be forced to randomly select the answers which will greatly reduce your GRE score. If you are stressed about the time constraint, take maximum practice tests possible, so you can be ready for the actual test.