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Free GRE Practice Tests

26 Free GRE Practice Tests. 400 Free GRE Test Questions.
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    Analytical Section of the GRE
    In the analytical section of the GRE, questions are aimed at measuring your ability to:

    • Think logically on the basis of a set of rules
    • Analyse situations using common sense

    The types of questions that you will come across in this section are:

    • Logical Reasoning
    • Analytical Reasoning

    Logical Reasoning :-

    Logical reasoning measures your ability to:

    • Understand
    • Analyse
    • & Evaluate Arguments

    Each question is based on a short passage, graph, table or a set of conditions.

    Strategies :

    • Determine what has been specifically stated
    • Draw inferences on the basis of the facts stated
    • Determine the assumptions made by the author when jumping from evidence to conclusion

    Sample question :


    Some would have you believe that the economic problems of Western Europe in the 1980s were caused by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil cartel. This is nonsense. After all, Great Britain was not dependent on OPEC oil and yet Great Britain suffered from the same economic problems that affected France and West Germany.

    The author's point is made primarily by

    A. Offering Great Britain as a counter example
    B. Analysing the economic difficulties of France and West Germany
    C. Pointing put a misconception of reasoning
    D. Proposing an alternative explanation
    E. Drawing an analogy between France and West Germany

    Answer: A

    Analytical Reasoning :-

    Analysing Reasoning questions test your ability to:

    • Understand a given structure of arbitrary relationships among fictitious persons, places, things, or events
    • Deduce new information from the relationships given

    Each analytical reasoning group consists of a set of about three to seven related statements or conditions and three or more questions based on these statements.

    Strategies :

    • Use short forms and symbols to express the problem statements
    • Draw simple diagrams to show relationships
    • Do not make any unnecessary assumptions
    • Pay attention to words such as only, exactly, never, always, must be, cannot be

    Sample question :

    Exactly 7 persons - P, Q, R, S, T, U & V - participate in and finish all of a series of races. There are no ties for any position at the finish of the races. The following statements about the races are always true :

    V finishes somewhere ahead of P
    P finishes somewhere ahead of Q
    Either R finishes first and T finishes last, or S finishes first and U or Q finishes last

    If in a race S finishes sixth and Q finishes fifth, which of the following can be true?

    A. V finishes first or fourth
    B. R finishes second or third
    C. P finishes second or fifth
    D. U finishes third or fourth
    E. T finishes fourth or fifth

    Answer: D

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