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GRE Registration

GRE Registration - Online Guide

GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences

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All modes of registration are explained here. On registering for the GRE Search Service, prospective graduate students aspiring to take GRE can find the participating graduate schools and sponsors for Fellowship. In case, the candidate matches the recruitment profile of a participating organization or institution the candidate will be intimated about the details and opportunities of that institution.

Anyone who is interested in taking GRE, can register for GRE search service, though the registration for test is not compulsory.

Online Registration for GRE Search Service can be done during computer-based test administration or by filling up a form that is enclosed along with the GRE Bulletin.

Before submitting the registration form, the terms and conditions specified in the GRE Information and Registration Bulletin should be reviewed. On submitting registration, it indicates the student's consent to comply with all terms and conditions mentioned in the GRE bulletin.

GRE Registration - Phone

The students can call Prometric center before 12.00 noon for registration. However, the call should be made at least three days prior to the test date.

GRE Registration - FAX

For FAX registration, students must send their fax at least seven days before the first test choice date.

GRE Registration - Mail/Courier

In Mail/Courier the Registration form should be manually filled, the draft (in case not paying through credit card) should be kept ready and submitted to Prometric Center at New Delhi through registered post / courier. The entire documents meant for registration should be sent at least three weeks before the test date chosen.

An appointment will be scheduled with the candidate at the Prometric Center, on receipt of documents. The time, date and location of appointment will be intimated to the candidate. In case, the candidate does not receive the confirmation until three business days before the first choice of test date, the Sylvan office can be called to enquire about the appointment of your GRE Registration.

Points to be noted during GRE registration

During registration, the candidates should ensure that their names are spelt in the same way as printed on the identification documents to be presented at the test center. In case this is not so, the candidate will not be permitted to take test and the fee shall be forfeited.

The information regarding GRE test centers, test dates and other registration information is available online. Though the candidate is requested to select the test date and center, this information is not confirmed till the registration is processed and the admission ticket is issued after three weeks of registration. If this doesn't happen, the candidate can contact ETS for confirmation regarding test center.

Registration is an important thing in taking GRE. Students about to take GRE should register for the exam well in advance.

GRE - Good Gre Scores, Read GRE test experiences

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