Importance Of Taking Free GRE Sample Tests


What is most important in any test preparation? When we followed lots of test takers and instructors who coach students for GRE, we got different answers.

1. People who haven't taken their GRE said that learning the strategies is the most crucial factor in Test preparation and very few in this group mentioned about Practice Tests

2. People who have taken the examination and have had a good GRE score stressed the importance of taking the right practice tests

3. People who have taken this test and have fared with a poor score fretted saying that they did not get much practice.

4. Almost all the instructors who coach test takers for GRE stressed the importance of students practicing with right kind of mock tests.

From the above 4 points it is very easy to decide the importance of a test takers practicing with lots of good Practice tests during preparation.

Lets take a closer and deeper look at GRE Practice Tests.

GRE Practice Tests - What to look into

  • A GRE Practice Test should have lots of Relevant Practice Questions. Why relevancy is added here is because the sample tests which a test uses during preparation should consist of questions which closely resemble the actual GRE Test Questions
  • CAT Mode - Very few practice test available in the market are made on the Computer Adaptive format. Most of the Practice tests in the market are Computer Based Tests and not Computer Adaptive Tests. A Good Practice test for GRE should strictly be a Computer Adaptive Test.
  • High Difficult Questions - The whole point of test preparation is to get a good score which means avoiding mistakes which means answering difficult questions correctly. To answer high difficult Questions correctly, one should practice GRE Practice tests with High Difficult Practice Questions
  • All possibilities of questions - A good Practice Test should contain all possible questions in a given section. Like reading comprehension has standard 10 question types. So a Practice Test should contain all those 10 possible reading comprehension Practice questions. The same applies to all question types asked in GRE

Free GRE Practice Tests

Power Prep offers a number of such mock tests free of cost. It consists of Practice Questions exactly similar to that of Questions from actual GRE Test. This is available for download from official GRE web site. So grab a copy of power prep free now. Make sure that you take the power prep tests just 4 - 5 days before your actual GRE Test.

List of Good GRE Practice Tests

GRE Practice Test - Power Prep

A lot has been said about power prep Practice Tests in the previous paragraph. It is a must have for any GRE Test Taker for Practice.

Features of Power Prep GRE Practice Test

  • Exact simulation of GRE Tests in all aspects
  • Power prep Practice tests you the exact score which you will obtain in your GRE Test
  • 100% Computer Adaptive Test

GRE Practice Tests - Kaplan

Kaplan GRE Practice Tests are very good in dealing with different types of questions which is very important factor in preparation. They have all possible combinations of questions. Practicing with kaplan Practice tests will not make you confused when you are facing a type of Question in your Test.

GRE Practice Tests - GreBible

GreBible GRE practice tests are very good for any novice or intermediate Test taker. All aspects of tests are taken care from user interface, Difficulty level and scoring in their Practice Tests.

  • 2000 Practice Questions
  • 100% computer adaptive in nature
  • Very high difficulty level of Questions
  • Good simulation of the GRE Test User interface
  • Free GRE Practice Tests is a web site where you can get lots of good free practice tests. They have free practice tests and questions on almost all the test sections of GRE. This site is also a must visit during Preparation.