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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: Text Completion GRE Practice Test 1

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
Powered by GreGuide Version 2.2.1 Copyrights 2007,

Question 1

A frustrated old man, Badni Thakur was never tired of (1) -------------- the exploits of his ancestors. With a little (2) -------------- he would lapse into a reminiscent mood, push back the loosely tied turban from his close-cropped grizzled hair and start a familiar story, improvising (3) --------------- details which, to the mirth of his audience, always kept changing with every recounting.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. criticizing
  2. extolling
  3. invoking
  1. prompting
  2. advising
  3. arguing
  1. sincere
  2. rational
  3. fanciful

Correct Answer :Extolling, prompting and fanciful


The first blank in the passage hints at the way in which the man brags about the deeds that were conducted by his ancestors. Thus the most suitable word from the list of options given would be 'extolling'. The word 'criticizing' turns the sentence to get a negative implication and the word 'invoking' sounds unsuitable to its intended meaning; thus both are not the correct answers for the blank.

The second blank requires us to use a word that tells about the way in which he set out on his bragging spree; the most appropriate connotations in this sense are related to convincing or pushing. The most suitable option in this respect is 'prompting'.

The last blank requires an adjective that explains the nature of the details supplied by him. The passage is already supported by the use of the word 'improvising' which refers to the imaginative stories that the man narrated. The words 'sincere' and 'rational' are wrong as what is imaginary cannot be sincere or rational. The only correct answer thus is 'fanciful'.

Question 2

Even my goalies and the policemen, who have arrested me or (1) ------------- me as a prisoner from place to place have been kind to me, and much of the (2) ------------ of conflict and the sting of goal-life has been (3) ----------- because of this human touch.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. safeguarded
  2. escorted
  3. abandoned
  1. kindness
  2. affinity
  3. bitterness
  1. egged on
  2. toned down
  3. pumped up

Correct Answer :Escorted, bitterness and toned down


The first blank has to be filled using a word from the given options that supports the explanation for the noun 'policemen' and the verb 'arrested'. The word 'abandoned' stands unsuitable as it is not appropriate to the meaning that is intended to be conveyed by the sentence and the word 'safeguarded' doesn't stand suitable to the use of the word 'arrested'. 'Escorted' is thus the correct answer.

The second blank has to be filled with a word that adds to the meaning of the word 'conflict' and explains it better for us. The options 'kindness' and 'affinity' stand opposing the meaning of this word, thus 'bitterness' is the correct answer.

The third blank has to be filled using a word that can bring a resolution among the use of the words 'sting' and 'human touch'. The answer chosen should consolidate an agreement between the both opposing meaning words so as to suit the entire passage. The use of the words 'egged on' and 'pumped up' would lead the sentence to mean that the feelings of bitterness were aggravated due to human touch that is not what is intended by the passage. Thus the correct answer has to be 'toned down'.

Question 3

Attracted by the serenity of the evening, a friend and I lately went to one of the public walks near the city. Here we (1) ---------- together for some time. Then my friend, stopping suddenly, (2) ------------- by the elbow, and led me out of the public walk. I could perceive by the quickness of his (3) ----------, and by his frequently looking behind, that he was attempting to avoid somebody who followed.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. sauntered
  2. vamoosed
  3. danced
  1. trapped
  2. relinquished
  3. caught
  1. pace
  2. hands
  3. gallop

Correct Answer :Sauntered, caught and pace


The first line of the passage explains to us the setting of a public park where to friends go on an evening. The first blank in this passage is required to be filled by a word that explains the kind of action that could supposedly be performed in a public park. The options 'vamoosed' and 'galloped' cannot be accepted as the correct answers as they refer to a fast and jaunty style of walking, respectively. The correct answer is thus, 'sauntered' that refers to a slow and enjoyable walking action.

The second blank is a part of the actions performed by one of the friends as he is taken over by something suddenly. He led the narrator out of the park after holding him from the elbow, an action best explained by the word 'caught'; which is the correct answer here.

The third blank is required to be filled by the use of a word that can be explained by the adjective 'quickness'. The options 'hands' and 'gallop' are inappropriate to be used herein because of their irrelevance in the context. Hands are not explained by the word 'quickness' and gallop is the walk of horses, usually used for humans as kids or when they are in a playful mood. Since none f the cases is seen here, it is a wrong option and 'pace' is thus, the correct answer.

Question 4

It was not surprising that my own countrymen should treat me so, for I had gained a (1) ----------- of notoriety and popularity among them. Even for Englishmen I was an individual and not merely one of the (2) ---------- and, I imagine the fact that I had received my education in England, brought me (3) ------------.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. weight
  2. ratio
  3. measure
  1. collection
  2. mass
  3. dispersal
  1. in juxtaposition with them
  2. nearer to them
  3. at a remote position

Correct Answer :Measure, mass and nearer to them


The suitable answer for the first blank can be found on the basis of the words that are used after it. The words 'notoriety' and 'popularity' are complemented with the use of 'measure' with them, while the other two options are irrelevant in the context.

The second blank has to be filled with a word that is opposite in meaning to the use of the word 'individual'. Among the options given the only word that suits the required meaning is 'mass', which is thus the correct answer. Another option 'collection' conveys the same meaning but is not suitable in this context.

The last blank has to be filled after going through the details provided in the passage as such. We get to know by this stage that the narrator is a public figure who has received appraisal from the masses. The last blank considers a factor that influenced his apparently pleasant relation with the crowds. Thus, the correct answer has to be 'nearer to them'.

Question 5

When my daughter began to write her memoirs at the age of four, I decided that she must have (1) ------------ keep them, if only a section of a bureau drawer or as it happened, a box (2) -------- a key. I remembered the agonies of my own childhood when my sister discovered I was writing poems and began teasing me by (3) ---------- them in public.

Blank 1 Blank 2 Blank 3
  1. a place to
  2. the freedom to
  3. the permission to
  1. with
  2. for
  3. attached to
  1. writing
  2. chanting
  3. chirping

Correct Answer :A place to, with and chanting


The first blank in the passage can be filled only after one has a look at what is provided in the rest of the sentence. We are required to give attention to the references to 'box' and 'drawer' in the sentence, which lead us to the correct answer: 'a place to'.

The second blank is required to be filled with the word that can connect 'a box' with 'a key'. The options 'attached to' and 'for' prove unsuitable in this context and the correct answer is therefore, 'with'.

The third blank in the passage has to be filled with a word that refers to the act of teasing the narrator by his sister. The option 'writing' is inadequate as it does not provide us with the desired meaning. The other option 'chirping' is also not a direct reference to the meaning conveyed by the sentence. The correct answer therefore, is 'chanting'.

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