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Passage for Questions from 1 to 3

An enlightened aspect of the policy is its recognition that actual change in the status of women cannot be brought about by the mere enactment of socially progressive legislation. Accordingly, it focuses on reorienting development programs and sensitizing administrations to address specific situations as, for instance, the growing number of households headed by women, which is a consequence of rural-urban migration. The proposal to create an equal-opportunity police force and give women greater control of police stations is an acknowledgement of the biases and callousness displayed by the generally all male law enforcement authorities in cases of dowry and domestic violence. While the mere enunciation of such a policy has the salutary effect of sensitizing the administration as a whole, it does not make the task of its implementation any easier. This is because the changes it envisages in the political and economic status of women strike at the root of power structures in society and the basis of man-woman relationships. There is also the danger that reservation for women in public life, while necessary for their greater visibility, could lapse into tokenism or become a tool in the hands of vote seeking politicians. Much will depend on the dissemination of the policy and the ability of elected representatives and government agencies to reorder their priorities.

Choose the 2, 3, 4 correct answer options from the list provided:

Question 1

1. What has been termed as a resulting effect of the migration between rural and urban areas?

  1. The rising number of households that are being led by women.
  2. The rising amount of population in cities.
  3. The power struggle in the urban areas getting worse.
  4. Women taking control of the decisions taken in their houses as they are more empowered.
  5. Narrowing down of the difference between the two major types of population.

Correct Answer: A and D


The passage given to us deals with the changes that are required to be introduced into the legal and police systems of our society so as to make it a better place for this part of the population to sustain. In the course of the passage, the narrator puts before us the main consequences that have been exhibited by the rural-urban migration and that is the increasing number of families being under a matriarch. This also implies to the empowerment of women such that they have been able to beat the age old patriarchal system in the families. The two answer options correct thus, are options A and D.

Question 2

How has the issue of partiality and carelessness on the part of male law enforcement forces in certain cases been addressed?

  1. By proposing to create a special women cell in the police stations.
  2. With the efforts to encourage more and more women-centered cases being reported to the police.
  3. With the proposed creation of equal opportunities for women in the forces.
  4. By reducing the number of males joining the law enforcement forces.
  5. The idea to give better control of police stations to women.

Correct Answer: C and E


The passage also supplies us with the details regarding the biases and callousness on the part of law enforcement forces when it comes to women oriented cases like those of dowry and domestic violence; and how these are tried to be met with. The answer lies in the sentence 'The proposal to create an equal-opportunity police force and give women greater control of police stations is an acknowledgement of the biases and callousness displayed by the generally all male law enforcement authorities in cases of dowry and domestic violence.' Therefore the two correct options are C and E.

Question 3

What are the obstructions in the path of introducing changes in the law enforcement system?

  1. The changes required in the political-economic status that women enjoy in the society.
  2. The illiteracy and lack of awareness on the part of the women in the society.
  3. The strong and deep-rooted foundations of the prevalent status of women in our society.
  4. The values and ideas associated with the man-woman relationship in our social system.
  5. The risk of the public reservation given to women becoming a tool in the hands of politicians running merely for votes.

Correct Answer: A, B, D and E


The passage gives us complete information about the changes that need to be introduced into the various systems of our society so as to create better living opportunities for women and also states the various impediments that stand in the way. These are the ones stated in the A, B, D and E options provided to us. The only option spared can also be a correct answer but we cannot take it to be so as there is no mention of it in the passage.

Passage for Questions from 4 to 6

Among the natural resources which can be called upon in national plans for development, possibly the most important is human labor. Since the English language suffers from a certain weakness in its ability to describe groups composed of both male and female members, this is usually described as "manpower". Without a productive labor force, including effective leadership and intelligent middle management, no amount of foreign assistance or of natural wealth can ensure successful development and modernization. The manpower for development during the next quarter-century will come from the world's present population of infants, children and adolescents. But we are not sure that they will be equal to the task. Will they have the health, the education, the skills, the socio-cultural attitudes essential for the responsibilities of development? For far too many of them the answer is 'no'. The reason is basic. A child's most critical years, with regard to physical, intellectual, social and emotional development, are those before he reaches five years of age. During those critical formative years he is cared for almost exclusively by his mother, and in many parts of the world the mother may not have the capacity to raise a superior child. She is incapable of doing so by reason of her own poor health, her ignorance and her lack of status and recognition of social and legal rights, of economic disparity, of independence. One essential factor has been overlooked or ignored. The forgotten factor is the role of women. Development will be handicapped as long as women remain second-class citizens, uneducated, without any voice in family or community decisions, without legal or economic status, married when they are still practically children, and henceforth producing one baby after another, often only to see half of them die before they are of school age.

Choose the 2, 3, 4 correct answer options from the list provided:

Question 4

What factors could fail any type of assistance in achieving development and modernization?

  1. Incapacitated work force
  2. Lack of a productive labor force
  3. Ineffective leadership
  4. Lack of management skills to communicate issues properly
  5. Weak middle management

Correct Answer: A, B, C, D and E


The passage deals with the way in which the productive forces of the society are dependent upon human labor and how therefore, women should be more capacitated to be able to raise a better population of children. There is also light thrown at the various types of factors that stand in its path; these being lack of 'a productive labor force, including effective leadership and intelligent middle management'. All the options given to us thus are the correct answers as they supply us with these factors only in one or the other ways.

Question 5

The reasons that impair the desired kind of growth in children are -----------.

  1. The mother being incapacitated to bring up the child properly.
  2. The woman not realizing the importance of the early years of the child's growth.
  3. The unawareness of the mother for her socio-legal rights.
  4. The mother suffering on the grounds of her own health and well-being.
  5. The economic and social liberation of the women suffering.

Correct Answer: A, C, D and E


The passage focuses on the factors that stand as impediments in the path of children coming up as efficient work force in the future. The writer of the passage throws this on the shoulders of the mothers only as they are the ones who are closest to the child in his formative years. Therefore the weaknesses on the mother's part are the ones that affect the child's proper shaping up also. The correct answers are thus, contained in options A, C, D and E. the second option can also be correct, but we do not find a reference to it in the passage.

Question 6

What all is revealed by the sentence 'Since the English language suffers from a certain weakness in its ability to describe groups composed of both male and female members; this is usually described as "manpower".'?

  1. The author being a language specialist.
  2. The andocentric influences in the language.
  3. His unconvinced state about the language usage.
  4. A requirement to use feminist approaches in the language also.
  5. A hint at the theme of the whole passage being centered at women.

Correct Answer: B, C, D and E


The question requires us to go into the depths of the possible meanings that this sentence conveys. The sentence has feminist connotations, along with a biased behavior on the part of the language constructionists that they did not design two separate words for the two genders and the overall theme of the passage. Therefore, the correct answers are options B, C, D and E; while option A does not seem too relevant as we find no details about the writer being a language specialist in the rest of the passage.

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