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GRE Practice Test

GRE Practice: Reading Comprehension Select In Passage GRE Practice Test 5

Good you are taking our practice tests. But please make sure you complete all the practice problems from Official GRE Guide. Official GRE Guide is from the test makers(Yes You read it right they conduct the GRE exam worldwide.) ETS.:- The Official Guide to the GRE General Test, Third Edition
Powered by GreGuide Version 2.2.1 Copyrights 2007,

Question 1:

The case for preserving mountain systems for water security cannot be overstressed: half of all humanity depends on hill ranges to access safe water to produce electricity, sustain industry and agriculture, and for drinking. Equally significantly, half the wetlands have disappeared over the last century, which should be sufficient reason for the NEP to adopt the expert recommendations on wetlands that were submitted to the Environment Ministry after considerable field research. The Bangkok Congress, the third such event held by the WCU, also draws attention to the loss or degradation of 80 per cent of global forest cover. Again, this assessment matches the NEP estimate that India's forest cover has dwindled to a worrying 23 per cent. The only way forward would, therefore, be to reverse the damage from exploitative mining, logging, and unsound agriculture in the remaining forests and afford their absolute protection.

Which sentence brings to light the dangers to various water sources?

Correct Answer: E (The only way................. protection.)


The passage talks about the importance of preserving the water sources that lie hidden in the hill ranges. In the last sentence, the author gives an indirect reference to the various kinds of dangers (exploitative mining, logging and unsound agriculture) that are posed to water sources. The correct answer for the question here is thus, option (e).

Question 2:

However, while there is no denying that the South Asia must clean up its act; skeptics might question the timing of the haze report. The Johannesburg meet on Rio + 10 is just two weeks away and the stage is set for the usual battle between the developing world and the West, particularly the U.S. President, Mr. Bush has adamantly refused to sign any protocol, which would mean a change in American consumption. U.N. environment report is likely to find a place in the U.S. arsenal as it points an accusing finger on countries like India and China. Yet the U.S. can hardly deny its own dubious role in the matter of erasing trading quotas. Richer countries can simply buy up excess credits from poorer countries and continue to pollute. Rather than try to get the better of developing countries, who undoubtedly have taken up environmental shortcuts in their bid to catch up with the West, the U.S. should take a look at the environment profligacy, which is going on within. From opening up virgin territories for exploration to relaxing the standards for drinking water, Mr. Bush's policies are not exactly beneficial – not even to Americans. We realize that we are all in this together and that pollution any where should be a global concern. Otherwise there will only be more tunnels at the end of the tunnel.

Which sentence refers to a contrast between the western and South Asian environmental attitudes?

Correct Answer: A (Rather than try................ on within.)


The passage discusses the way in which environmental concerns in the western countries have sought a laxity while the trend to catch up with the west is rising in the south Asian countries. The sentence that compares the positions and attitudes of the two is the sixth sentence or option (a).

Question 3:

In the United States the budget is conveyed in a message by the President to the Congress, which comes well in advance of the date when the Bill is introduced in the Congress. In Finland the Parliament and the people are already discussing in June the tentative budget proposals which are to be introduced in the Finnish Parliament in September. Every budget contains a cartload of figures in black and white - but the dark figures represent the myriad lights and shades of India's life, the contrasting tones of poverty and wealth, and of bread so dear and flesh and blood so cheap, the deep tints of adventure and enterprise and man's ageless struggle for a brighter morning. The Union budget should not be an annual scourge but a part of presentation of annual accounts of a partnership between the Government and the people. That partnership would work much better when the nonsensical secrecy is replaced by openness and public consultations, resulting in fair laws and the people's acceptance of their moral duty to pay.

Which sentence discusses a European government procedure?

Correct Answer: D (In Finland................. in September.)


The passage conducts a comparative analysis of the amount of secrecy that is maintained by various governments while conducting their parliamentary operations like passing a budget. There are examples taken from American and Finnish government's operations and the correct answer to our question is the sentence where the Finnish parliamentary proceedings are explained; therefore, the second sentence is the answer we are looking for.

Question 4:

Gandhiji recognized that while all men should have equal opportunity, all did not have the same capacity. Some had the ability to earn more than others. But he believed that those who had talent would be performing the work of society if they used their talent wisely and well. Gandhiji said that he would allow a man of intellect to earn more and not suppress his talent. But it was his view that the bulk of his larger earnings should go to the common fund. Those with talent and opportunity would find their fulfillment as trustees. Gandhiji extended this concept of trusteeship to cover all fields of life.

Which sentence refers to the concern that Gandhiji had for the society at large?

Correct Answer: B (But it was................. common fund. )


The passage talks about Gandhiji's ideology about utilizing the talents and capacities of the countrymen. He expresses his concern than all the benefits availed from these people should be used in the interest of the common man. The correct answer is carried in the sixth sentence (option (b)), which is thus, the correct answer.

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